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17 Jun 2013

Washi Tape Wonders

Tomorrow, I shall be posting a video tutorial to help create these mini covered jotters using ribbons and washi tape from Fantastic Ribbons.

Getting back into the craft room today was a JOY!  Hooray for me, a reward of epic proportions. 

Today I had a cake smash session with Baby J!  At first he was super inquisitive but by the end, he was not the most happiest bunny in the warren.  He was a little sweetheart though, a real little treasure.  PS: Why is it when kids are being naughty, they will wreck your house in a nano second?  But give them a cake to smash, with your permission and they don't want to do it??  Tee hee

This is Baby R - she must surely be still high on all the sugar she wolfed in her session last week.  Look at those eyes!  They're incredible!

And finally, Emily.   OMG, incredibly long legs and incredible connection with the camera.  To say she was awfully shy and nervous in front of the camera at the start, by the end she was the complete opposite.  This goes in my top ten fave image of all time!

And now I must go and find something soft and cosy to sit on as my bike saddle has left me more sore than being kicked up the butt with a concrete slab.

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Sue said...

Loving the cards. I recently placed my first order for Washi Tape with Fantastic Ribbons. It is so nice, it's so hard to actually use it:)

Lovely photos. Babes are so cute.

Glitter Monkey said...

Amazeballs as always Kisrtybobbles. Don't let the troll get you down xx

Julie Brooks said...

You so made me laugh with the bike saddle comment at the end! Two lovely cards and fab photos!

Carole Z said...

Fab cards Kirsty and fab photos too!! Carole Z X

Debo said...

I'm loving that photo of Emily! Really striking picture of a really striking beauty!

Jaki Morris said...

What a fantastic photo