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10 Jun 2013

It's been a while....

I was frantic last week.  Beyond measure.  Soooo much happening - thank goodness that I am off to my Mums for a few days next week........I'm bushed.

Its all photography related, of course but when I go to my Mum's that will all change and I can have some me time to create, unwind and kick back.

In the meantime, here are some images from this weeks sessions:

Here is Jackie - gorgeous throughout.  All we did was colour her up, style her hair and put her in good light.  The results?  More gorgeous x

Then I had the pleasure of a family shoot in the woods:

Then a Ballerina shoot, also in the woods:

And another makeover with my gorgeous friend, Jaime x  We really do make gorgeous girls more gorgeous.  Im not telling fibs.

My lovely makeup artist and hair stylist, Courtney, is an absolute diamond.  I work with some amazing MUA's but Courtney's skill with hair is incredible:

And finally, My lovely friend Marie FINALLY had her baby (Almost 2 weeks overdue)....... if you scroll down a few posts, you will see her maternity pictures.  Welcome to Freya - she is a pouty little bundle of freshness.  She has literally stolen my heart:

He heeeeeeee!  A picture for her 18th birthday party!

MY FAVE!  I just love this x

And that is all.....phew!  That doesn't include my day out to Durham to shoot corporate head shots and a little session with a very special friend.  The camera is now switched off for a few days as Ellis finished college and has 12 weeks of entertainment required :)

Laters x

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful photographs as usual, Kirsty. I love that people visibly relax from the first photo - you must reveal your secret one day! :-)
Have a lovely time with your Mum and Dad.

Maz said...

Jackie and Jaime look fabulous, and those ballerina photos? I LOVE that last one with the flowers in her hair - stunning. As for our photos - obviously I love them too :) Thank you so much.

M x

ginny c said...

Beautiful photos have a great time at your mums ginny x

Jaki Morris said...

Ahhhhh, baby.
Wat one now. Well, maybe I'll just wait til I get my new niece or nephew in 8 weeks

Adorable shots as ever


Debo said...

Blimey, I'm exhausted just reading your post!!

ALL of the photos are amazing (of course!) but I especially love the ballerina on the bridge!

Enjoy your break.


judi said...

All fabulous photos...natch! The ballerina shots are amazing, baby shots...well, of course they are wonderful, especially the sweet little pout but yes, your favourite of mum and baby is fabulous. I love the way you have captured the beautiful blue of Jaime's are just too clever and you and your MUA make a brilliant team!

Love Judi xx

Carole Z said...

Always such beautiful photos Kirsty, absolutely stunning - all of them. Hope you have a lovely break at your Mum's, hugs Carole Z X

Anonymous said...

Baby photos are so lovely but the ballerina ones are just divine!
You are so very talented!

Carole R