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4 May 2013

We went to the zoo

Ellie's favourite place in the world is a place where animals are plentiful. Zoo's, namely. And so, today, we suprised Ellie by taking her to Chester zoo. She had NO idea we were going. When we got there and she saw where we were, it was just a wonderful feeling. Her face was a picture. That I didn't take!!!! Lol
We got the map at the entrance and she planned the entire route around the park. But we know the zoo so well, it barely required a plan. But still. One place we never cared to visit before was the Butterfly house. It's always tropical in there and never suitable in the summer. But it beckoned us today after a chilli picnic lunch.
It was incredible and possibly the most happiest place at the venue. Everyone's faces are lit up with delight at the hundreds of butterflies flitting from plant to plant. If ever you feel sad and blue, go sit in a butterfly house for a cure. It also had hibiscus plants, too, which are one of my fave flowers ever.
A happy day had by all. Hope yours was as good, too.


Carole Z said...

Glad you all had a super day! I love visiting the butterflies, such bright creatures, which as you say bring a sunny smile to our faces...and I usually end up taking hundreds of photos! Have a lovely rest of the weekend, Carole Z X

Anonymous said...

I love Chester Zoo and have so many happy memories with and without children. So glad you enjoyed your special day. J

Jaki Morris said...

Lovely. I had a good day too, making pillowcase bags!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend


Sue said...

Glad you all had a fab time at the zoo. Singapore Airport has a butterfly house. Never been, but told it is spectacular.

Peachy Magoo said...

Have you ever been to Yorkshire Wildlife park its fantastic and because there are massive walkways everywhere I would think perfect if you need to take the chair.