Ladies Camera Club

6 May 2013


I believe every woman and girl deserves a Wonderland experience at my studio.  Dreamsicle frocking-up, pretty make up and delicious hair with images that make you feel like a million dollars.  And I kid you not but every girl that comes to the studio are nervous as hell thinking they'd never be able to own images worthy of a magazine shoot.


Then every girl leaves completely delighted with an array of images to paw over and show off to their friends and family....pointing and saying "That's me! .......LOOK!  It's really me".

Clair was no exception yesterday.  She was really nervous.  Life is not being centre stage when you are a working mum and used to being the backbone of daily life.  Us girls take very little time for something like this.....I totally get that nervousness.  But as we go along with each pose and snap, I share the images on my play back and the nerves simply melt away.   When they can see the transformation unfolding, a sense of confidence envelops them and the session starts to get more fun.

Isn't her transformation pretty?

Please come along and allow my awesome Make up Artists and camera to give you an unforgettable experience.  Up until the end of May these sessions are completely FREE - all you have to do is buy your images.  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?  Have a makeover on me, for free!

To make further enquiries, go to and use my contact page to see what we can do for you!

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Anonymous said...

Glad the lady liked dressing up and getting attention helps sometimes too.

Jaki Morris said...


Curse the distance between us!

Love that image, so lovely. Her hands are so elegant


Anonymous said...

Does the attention you get from this blog help to justify your miserable existence, anon?
Clair, you look amazing, girly and saxy-I hope you love the photos.....I would!!
Masterful, kirsty, masterful.
Love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Di said...

Sigh, the troll can't keep away!

Fabulous photos Kirsty and if I lived closer I'd be along to see if you could make a silk purse outta me :)

Hugs, Di xx

Anonymous said...

I SOOOOOOO wish I lived closer to you Kirsty! images are fab - as usual!

Sam xx

ginny c said...

Couldn't agree more di, not that your a sow but if only lived nearer I would love it. Best wishes ginny xxx

Carole Z said...

Wow! You'd have a queue if we all lived closer to you! Carole Z