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29 May 2013

She has ze va-va-voooooooom

Lets face it girls, a lot of us have got "extra" on board.  Inc me -  I'm a curvy girl - I'm team Marilyn!  A lot of curvy gals refuse to have makeovers because they are self conscious and majorly shy about showing off body parts that are not as svelte as a size 6 model.  Well size 6 models are so HARD to photograph unless they are shooting for fashion where stick-thiness is better suited.  However, these makeovers are not fashion - they are a celebration of our awesomeness.

When Lauren came for a makeover session, her transformation blew me away.  Isn't she incredible?

She is naturally gorgeous and her hair?  Its so lush and shiny.

Her skin is practically flawless, I had to do very little smoothing

And those eyes?  WOW!

My husband thought she was 17. Her youthful looks are so incredible that I hope she can get away with the extra years forever!

And Lauren is single - so what are you boys waiting for?
Come on over for a makeover soon, won't you?
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Debo said...

WOW! She's so beautiful! You obviously put your clients so much as ease to get such natural smiles. I wish I could come up for some of your magic!


Anonymous said...

Stunning - an absolute beauty. J x

Lisa said...

Beautiful pictures and what a beautiful model.
Wish i lived nearer, i'm sure you could even do something with me Lol!
Lisa x

judi said...

What a stunner! Fabulous photos Kirsty!

Love Judi xx

Anonymous said...

A beautiful girl for sure and the photographs are lovely. My one irk is the national obsession with the word curvy because we are afraid to say plump or God forbid the F word. It's ok to say skinny but not F*t? My definition of curvy is indeed Marilyn but here's the thing, Marilyn was a freak of nature with a PERFECT hourglass figure and no flab. Most so called curvy girls out there (myself included) are just lumpy in all the wrong places and that's ok but curvy we are not! Just saying :)

Claire x.

Kirsty Wiseman said...

I think curvy is polite.

Kirsty Wiseman said...

As if I'm going to say that I photography skinny girls as well as fat and lumpy?
I don't say skinny. I say slender when I'm describing differences.
I know curvy annoys a lot of people but I'm not going to use the word fat and start works war three.
Ps: I'm curvy.

Kirsty Wiseman said...

Sorry about typos.

twinkletoe said...

Kirsty, your photos are just amazing!

judi said...

I think you are right Kirsty, curvy does sound polite as does slender. I was bullied at school (and at home) for being 'skinny' so have an aversion to the word. It annoys me that people feel free to say to me "aren't you skinny" or "you could do with some meat on you" but there would be outrage if I were to call someone fat! I am still 'slender' but with lumpy bits (curves) in the wrong places! Maybe you could work wonders with me one day! But then I have to add youthfully impaired or mature or life experienced to my list - take your pick, they all sound better than old!!!

Whatever, just keep taking your wonderful photos of girls of all shapes and sizes...and ages!!!

Love Judi xx

Clair Matthews said...

She is beautiful!!..curvy girls rock!! xxx