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9 May 2013

More little sprouts

I love watching little sprouts, erm, sprout!
I get to watch one of the most beautiful things in life, happen before my eyes.  And seeing how much Finley has grown just makes my ovaries dance with hyperactive glee.

This is Finley at 1 week old - all new, pink, downy haired, crinkly skinned and fast asleep.  And when we lifted him up from this shot, he had left us a very nice parcel.  A sweet little code brown ;)

BUT NOW?  The monster within has been unleashed in the form of wriggly Fin!  Just look at how simply DELICIOUS he is....oh my!

 Us northerners like our flat caps.  All that is missing is a pint of mild and a whippet.

I honestly have fallen in love with this little fella.  His Momma had a spell of caring for Ellie at one point.  She is a lovely, lovely girl.

Ok, I've had enough.  Where's my milk?

And that was third sprout meet with Finley, until August x

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Sue said...

Just too cute:)

Jaki Morris said...

Ah, bless. Such piercing blue eyes.

Love them all, especially the second to last

Di said...

Adorable!!! Love the way the photos tell a little story too :)

Hugs, Di xx

ginny c said...

Don't they grow up so cute real little cutie

Anonymous said...

Aw! Heart! Melt! :-D Jude.x

Debo said...