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3 May 2013

Little Sprouts

I started the "Sprout" program last year at the studio, eagerly waiting for an expectant Momma to join in.  Luckily for me, Jilly and James came along with baby William.

This was his first set of shots

and today he came in for his 4 months shoot.  He was an absolutely bundle of delights.....a gummy gurner with chocolaty brown eyes and lashes to die for.  Super cutes............

 We pretended that this was his sailing boat - just look at all that pink cherubness!

Mummy!  You make me gurn the gummiest grin!

And how angelic is he here?

And then we have Baby F, who wouldn't play the game last week (it happens!  He is the BOSS!).  His sweet little nature made my heart ache and this is the final leg of his Newborn Sprout program.  I'll be seeing him again in about 4 months for round 2.

If you are in the North west and want to learn more about my Sprout Program, take a peek on my website for more info :)

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Sally-Jo said...

My heart has melted again!

Jilly called me to give me the low down on the session, after she had got William to bed. I was hoping to come along and elbow in on the nurturing, but she said things went well, yes he had a wee, yes he puked but you were understanding, patient and ready to get that picture, her & James love the pictures, and can't wait for their next 'Sprout Session'.

I love your style & feel you have a great ability and eye to capture more than beauty- but the essence and sparkle of the soul. Xx

Anonymous said...

Oh my... Sooooo cuuuute. Lovely photos of gorgeous babies. :-) Jude.x

Jaki Morris said...

Those images are just amazing. I wish I'd known you 15 years ago!

Please, please don't publish any vile remarks anon may leave. It would just be too awful to defile such innocence and pure beauty

You are truly amazing


Sue said...

So cute.

Maz said...

So cute! Those chubby cheeks of William - gorgeous. x

Anonymous said...

I love to see babies and it melts my heart and reminds me when mine were little, than kyou so much for sharing. J

Debo said...

OOOOOHHHHHH! GORGEOUS!!!!!! Such amazing photos, Kirsty, you are so talented!

Sara said...

My ovaries ache!!!!

Gorgeous Gorgeous pics, love them :)

ginny c said...

Beautiful such innocence and those beautiful eyes

Anonymous said...

I just keep coming back and having a look, then back for another look and another one - just gorgeous and cute and making my heart melt. Nigh on 19 years ago I had one similar to wee guy in my heart and home - shame they have to grow up into hormonal teenagers! Having said that every stage of childhood has wonderful moments. J x

TAM said...

Awwwhh my heart just melted - what fantastic photos