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2 May 2013

Lady K

My gorgeous friend, Jane, hosted Ellie and I last night for a girly night in. I love taking Ellie over as its the only time she gets to hang out with other kids. Jane's girls are very sensitive to Ellie's needs and treat her beautifully with humility and sweet kindness.
Lady K is Janes eldest daughter. She has just turned 12 buy acts 21. I think she is hilarious. We dance, bounce on the trampoline (I stunted a vertebrae last night..... Ow) and I faff about with her hair and makeup. Whilst Ellie and Miss C played, Lady K and I acted like buffoons.
I personally prefer how stunning we look in the boggle eyed picture ...... A super improvement on our current look.
Do you agree?


Anonymous said...

Glad your little girl likes playing with friends. Maybe she could find a way of making an invitation and planning an event at home for little pals. Maybe a fundraising event such as a sponsored event or a cake sale or whatever they like to play with. She could then with your help get the others to come around. If it works maybe they could then invite her to join in something too? Some children need that help to be confident enough to invite them to play.have fun planning something fun!:)

Sue said...

Always nice to hang out with friends.

ginny c said...

Glad Ellie and you had a fun time we all need to laugh and do silly things now and again by the way I pull funny faces with the grandughter I hope it keeps the wrinkles at bay lol can't wait to see ano comments later best wishes ginny p.s got grandaughter this weekend 1year old so I she'll be wrinkle free by Monday ha ha

Jaki Morris said...

That photo freaked me out when it popped up on my instagram.

I agree with anon, it is lovely that your beautiful daughter has someone she has fun with.

As for the remainder on anon's sentiments, they're a load of swollocks

Have a beaut day


Glitter Monkey said...

What Jaks said xx

Carole Z said...

Glad you and Ellie had a fun time, lovely fun pics...and everything else Jaki said too! Carole Z X

Louise said...

girlie nights are good nights..sounds like you both had fun x


Ahhhhhh it was a gret night, can't wait for our weekend of pyjamas and giggling, not forgetting crafting..., it's not long away now!