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14 May 2013

I think Steven Spielbergs need not worry

Ive never shot video footage of people before.  Craft sessions, yes but............people?  Oooooh no!  I needed to get a promo video out there, for my website, and so last week I made one.

The cutting and the pauses and the transitions and adding music took AGES...for a lousy 2 minutes and 22 second video.  But I DID IT!

And here she is.  Hope you like it..... the music is delicious.

Hope you can come by soon!
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Sue said...

WOW! What else is there to say.

Anonymous said...

Like Sue says.... "Wow"!!! Jude.x

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was beautiful! I have goosebumps!
Thank you for sharing, Fiona x

Debo said...

That's awesome!!!

Loving the music - what is it?

Anonymous said...

That was wonderful! She looked so gabulous, but just like herself! How clever are you and your make up artist!
Music was also just perfect.
Carole A

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, loving it Kirsty - might not be able to have a photographic session but maybe I can have the music? Would love the know what it is too! J x

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful.

Carrie B x

Barbara said...

What a professional and gorgeous video you have made!!! Really inspiring and the music was fab. Well done kirsty!!!!!!!!!

PaperDaisies said...

Love everything about your video Kirsty. Just fabulous. Really shows off your talent. You need to be proud of this one. Hugs Nina

Sheryl said...

Kirsty, I really love the video, great music. Really atmospheric.

One thing, though, please could you edit the text - it should be artists (plural) not artist's (possessive). If this is promotional, better to be correct, I think.