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23 May 2013

Cake Smash

The cutest baby, the cutest cake and props (made by the mother of the baby) and then waiting for the fun to happen - happened today. 

Cake Smashing has been around for quite some time.  I never thought to do them; secretly,  I think I was scared of the mess.  But, you know, I have a wipe clean floor and a sink in the studio with hot water and towels.....what could go wrong?

Here he is, before he realised that the gorgeous cake before him was all his

Then in he went.....

And he shovelled a handful in his mush

He attacked it some more - much more

Ad realised that he could draw with it

But the ickyness started to set in - look at his "I've had enough" face!

Mum, is my face messy enough?

Yes, dear - it is.....and so is half the studio........!

Cake Smash's are available now for £40.  It includes the session and a cake.  Take £10 away if you provide your own cake.  You just then buy your images separately.

And finally....CARDS!  YAY.  I had a lovely wind down session tonight after a stressful few days.  I love stationery and air mail inspired things.

And this doggy print was found on gift wrap.  OF COURSE I had to have it.  
And also make a card with a few snippets.

And that was my colourful and cakeful day.

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Sue said...

Loving the photos of the cake smash:)

Fab cards.

ginny c said...

Lowly photos of cake smash handsome little boy

Laura said...

Is it just for 1 year olds? ;) I turn 28 in a couple of days and quite fancy doing this...

Carole Z said...

OOh I agree with Laura, wouldn't an adult cake smash be so cool!? Love the cards too Kirsty, especially the dog!Carole Z X

Di said...

Oh Laura - so funny :)

Super photos Kirsty!

Hugs, Di xx

Jaki Morris said...

Brilliant. Such a fantastic cake and a gorgeous little man.

I simply adore that travel themed card. Do I spy airmail bakers twine?

Love ya


Judi said...

Adorable little chap...gorgeous pics of him too. Bet that was fun!

Love Judi xx