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6 May 2013

Be kind


There's is nothing worse than unkindness, ill feeling, vitriol, unnecessary comments, unhelpful observations and one up-manship.
Instead, see the good where you can, hold your tongue, move on........ Smile.

One pretty picture for you and one pretty cool quote.


Sue said...

That quote is so true.

Loving the photo.

Hope whoever has been unkind to you reads your post and takes heed.

Bettyann said...

Yes, it is so easy to speak unkindly or speak out takes so much more to be forgiven..take care remember many of us think kindly of you...:)

Jaki Morris said...

There is no need for anyone to be unkind. We are only here for such a brief time, we should be careful of the impression we leave behind

Take care.

ginny c said...

Totally agree with sue, hope you had a lovely weekend best wishes ginny

Di said...

Fabulous photo Kirsty and such true words as well. Hugs, Di xx

TAM said...

Such a fabulous and clever photo Kirsty and the quote is "spot on". I'm all for spreading a bit of kindness and making this world a better place.

Anonymous said...

If you want to hurt someone read this first. If you think you are the only one with sorrow or difficulties read this. If you are depressed get help but read this etc etc etc....Try and walk in another's shoes. You will find them very uncomfortable and wake up to the reality you are not alone in your pain. You are not alone in coping. You are not alone in having opinions. You are you and you have reactions, words, emotions based on your childhood, your abilities, education, feelings, longing for what might have been, longing for someone to remove the stories which fill you with sorrow, you are you and resist the reality of life. You want everyone to like you of course you do but nobody likes everyone.nobody understands why you react as you do or really gives a second thought to your desires or pain as soon as you have expressed it because they are them and when did you ever care about their sorrow? When did you offload your sadness and then really walk alongside the friend you burdened? Is it that bad..really that bad that you need to keep going on but never ever reach out to another? Put on their shoes..think about the family whose child is dying or faces daily drugs, tubes, machines etc. Think about the homeless, think about the lonely who face every day without hope, think think think but don't assume everyone will understand you because they won't or don't wants to. Put on only your shoes and, walk away...pray for those who hurt you..turn away and smile knowing you haven't purposefully hurt anyone..or have you? If so deal asap move on in your own shoes not others

Anonymous said...

LOVE the photo.
Kindness is essential.
If you can't say something nice then don't say anything at all - my grans saying.
Carole A