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20 Apr 2013

Time to kill

I had a really horrible day on Wednesday whilst waiting to catch my train home,  The upshot of which meant I have seven friggin hours to kill in the Euston area of London.  And, as I had so much baggage, I had to lug it with me.  Its surprising how many establishments won't let you in when you have luggage about your person.  The British crapping Library for one.

The next place of interest in that part of London is St Pancras station.  Deep joy.  I certainly know how to live the high life, right?  So I entered thinking that, at least, I'd go for my 4736425165 coffee of the day.  Upon entering, I drew a gasp.  It was beautiful.

The structure at St Pancras station lends itself beautifully to black and white photography.  The texture and depth of the design looks ridiculous in colour and even though HDR would probably look good - I honestly cannot bear HDR unless it has lots of contrast and red.  And there was not a lot of red for my liking. I know.... freak, right?

Here are 5 shots that I took and 5 shots I was pretty pleased with:

I love the fanning structures here

I don't know why I took pictures of certain areas.  
All I know is that the continual and infinite lines drew me in.

Lines in focus

And through the lines............

And then I spent time faffing with a show shutter speed as the chaos of rush hour was in full swing

I didn't plan to take these pictures but I'm pretty pleased that they helped kill one lousy hour out of 7 painful ones.
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Anonymous said...

Oh I love St Pancras station!! Love, love, love the Rush Hour photo.. I love the statues in there too. And next time you're down that way, with luggage - there is Left Luggage next door at Kings Cross.... it's right down the end of (I think) Platform 1; long walk, and it wasn't cheap, but worth it not to have to drag cases around.

SaraBeth said...

I do love St Pancras station. Went there yesterday to meet a friend for dinner. It's so airy and almost serene for such a busy station.

Glad you salvaged something from your horrible day.

Life of an Agnostic Sunday School Teacher

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed taking some snaps. Having your photography hobby and trying new things seems to be something you could develop maybe learning more with some professional teaching. You could have used a luggage storage system before trying to sight see although never heard of that location..sounds appalling by name. Maybe try auto correction on a basic free to use photo editing package and see if the pictures improve. They will!:)

Judi said...

That last comment, from dear Anon, left my mouth open after my audible gasp! I would love to see some of her 'snaps'! What a mean mouthed, hateful old bag. Still, it might be worth taking her advice Kirsty, I am sure you have a lot to learn from an expert like her LOL!!!

Fab photos, glad it passed some time for you. Hope your trip was worthwhile...doesn't sound as much fun as the last one! :-(

Love Judi xx

Jaki Morris said...

Jesus H Christ, Kirsty that woman needs stopping.

She needs medication at least or a retraining order.

The photographs are fantastic, I particularly love the one with movement. Next time we meet maybe you could show me how to do this? If I'd been there, we could have gone to the champagne bar.
Take care


EmmGee said...

I once missed an evening flight from Glasgow to Bristol. Decided to stay in the airport till the early morning flight, doing different things one hour at a time helped. Didn't want to fall asleep. But didn't have a camera at the time. Good results from your visit to St Pancras. EmGx

Sam said...

I'm sitting here with my mouth open at Anons pathetic comment!!

Your photos Kirsty, are amazing AS ALWAYS!!!

Love Sam xx

Sam said...

I'm sitting here with my mouth open at Anons pathetic comment!!

Your photos Kirsty, are amazing AS ALWAYS!!!

Love Sam xx

Carole Z said...

Kirsty these photos are amazing, have never been to this station but will check it out when next in London. Anon really has lost the plot..pathetic as the others have said. Hugs, Carole Z X

Louise said...

these are such brilliant photos Kirsty. I have tried the slow shutter speed shot loads of times and they never come out well - yours is perfect I love it xx

ginny c said...

Love your photos kirsty I wish I had your talent, does that person read your blog at all. I really can't believe the stuff she/he spouts. Best wishes

ginny c said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Di said...

OK, BIG mistake by Anon. Just given away that they don't live in the UK (or are permanently under a big stone, only crawling out to spew bile).ANYONE over here on our fair isle surely knows about St Pancras Station.

On 'tee vee' the other evening there was an interesting item about William Frith who did a very famous painting of St Pancras - Google it. He too recognised the beauty of its structure.

Love your photos Kirsty!

Hugs, Di xx

Di said...

Here's the URL to the painting by William Frith:


ginny c said...

Couldn't agree with you more Di, only removed one post as added it twice

Anonymous said...

Aw bless, is Anon getting the word Pancreas confused with the NAME Pancras. Hardly surprising considering her appalling grammar and spelling.

Great photography, especially the first one, very dramatic!


Lisa-Jane said...

LOVE that movement "snap". I literally had a proper belly chuckle at Anon's comments on this one, they are SOO far out. I wonder what medication they use? Can't be legal surely. Whatever it is makes you shrivel up though obviously.