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14 Apr 2013

Things are changing

I am an octopus.
With two arms - the other 6 are juggling the stuff in my head. 


I'm challenged by all things creative be it photography, crafty things, digital design, home life, patterns on my skirts and colours I see on the street.  I have many, many plans and know that I will never have the time to execute them all.  I don't sit right when I'm supposed to be chilling out, watching TV.  In my mind, instead, I have ideas churning and little mini dramas played out in my head with scenarios that are niggling me or challenges that have yet to be met.  I'm quite the psychiatrists dream client.

I don't sleep soundly and often I wake up - at the dead of night slash morning, when I have an idea or question.  I scrat for my iphone and google the answer (or email myself a thought) and then drift off back to the cogs whizzing and banging in my head.

I love it and I also hate it.

Then out of the blue, today, I was reminded of someone who inspired me a long time ago.  And as I drove back from a demo in Southport, I did a lot of soul searching.  I came home and I made lists.  Lists and lists and lists.  I love my lists but recently they have been stupid and outlandish lists.  But tonight, I made more important lists with achievable goals. Ive stripped and pared back the more ridiculous things that I know I can't achieve and have told myself that its ok that I don't have to actually accomplish that idea.  Its been quite liberating.

And whilst I allowed myself this time to cogitate, I actually gave myself a little creative time.  Thus emptying my head completely before tonight's battle with the bedtime shenanigans of tossing and turning.

Its nothing majorly arty - just a little pretty. I made the pearly cluster from 5 pearl beads, some chain beading and a pink bead.  A lil bit fancaaaaaay, no?

And that, my friends, has made a happy little octopus today.

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Anonymous said...

A little bit fancy no? Were we supposed to answer that? No ok then no we won't and btw no!:)

Kirsty Wiseman said...

Aaaw anon. So negative and unkind...... As always. I do anticipate every judgemental, unnecessary and nasty comment from you. Then I publish your comments just so that the world can share in your infinite joy.
I honestly can't wait for your next piece fo verbal diarrhoea.

Julia said...

Well I for one love what you do Kirsty and I am in awe of all your fabulous achievements. Love the card you made and have just finished watching your You Tube video with hot glue. Will deffo be giving that a try. Keep up the good work and pity the likes of Anonymous for they are such sad people! x

Peachy Magoo said...

Oooh yes very fancy -looks fab :-) Loved your comments about the endless liss of things you want to do running through your head I am constantly reaching for my phone and emailing myself lol glad to know im not alone

Jaki Morris said...

Love that card. Pity I didn't see that before I made a wedding card, I would have borrowed the idea!
I recognise that twirly thing, didn't you nick it from your mum?


Sue said...

What a lovely card. I love how you have used the beads.

As to your comment from Anonymous, I feel so orry as they obviously don't have a life.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kirsty,
I follow you on twitter where i hatch evil poo throwing plans, i think you're an inspiring person in many many ways, creative, generous of spirit, kind and incredibly eloquent, i could never put my feelings into thoughts as you do, but i have to confess your. "Anon" bothers me greatly.
I worry their vitriol will become a constant thought every time you post, do you think the oxygen of public scrutiny is fuelling them? Is there a way to block them?
Anyway Kirsty give yourself permission to have some time to do something just for you and cherish it
<3. Nadine

Di said...

Fabby card Kirsty - love your style.

Now, will you please hold my coat whilst I knock the troll into next week?

Hugs, Di xx

Anonymous said...

Lovely card. The ribbon sets it off perfectly - I'd never have thought of using that; I'd have been trying (and failing) to match the pink.... :-) Jude.x