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22 Apr 2013

Short Post

I, or should I say Mark and I, have watched about 22 Big Bang Theories this week.


Amy and Rajesh are my ultimate faves.

Can't stop laughing.

Good for the soul.

The end.


Anonymous said...

Exciting time shared together. Things memories for the family are made of. Family time happens here every Sunday. Homework is always done before then, no other plans made unless we all can go and that is how Sunday's should be as they don't stay children for long as you know. Teens want to quite rightly be with peers , sleepovers etc and parties and shopping and not parents! When we get to that stage we will probably catch up on tv and sleep til the grandchildren arrive one day in years to come...then we can start again!!:)

Laura said...

Totally love TBBT!
The latest episode is on E4 on Thursday @ 8pm... sad but true that it is the highlight of my week!!

Jaki Morris said...

Never watched BBT. Am I missing out?
Last night we all watched the new series on BBC about the origin of species with Bill Bailey. It was brilliant.

In my house we don't have a set 'family time' it happens naturally as we are a family.
Take care

Laura said...

Yes Jaki, you are missing out :) TBBT is a good giggle :)

Glitter Monkey said...

You are missing out Jaks - it's fabulous.

Kirsty - just send a big BAZINGA to Mrs Anonymous xx

Anonymous said...

Bought my kids the box set for Christmas, love it! Have you ever seen 'The Middle'? its on sky 106, hilarious, similar silly humour:)

Laura x

Catriona said...

What took you so long???? We love the Big Bang and the catchphrases are repeated endlessly in our house!!

Carole Z said...

And guess what Kirsty? I am sat here commenting on your post in my BBT sweatshirt!!! I'm an addict too :)..yep you're missing out big time Jaki and a big BAZINGA to anon!! Carole Z X

Helen said...

So love the big bang theory. Have you seen the one where Sheldon gives Amy a tiara? It is one of the funniest moments ever! Helen x

Craftilicious said...

We watch it every night! Loving the shamy

Michelle said...

Couldn't agree more - the BEST programme EVER!! Michelle x

susiesu said...

Kirsty you have to make Jaki watch TBBT NOW!!!!!!! Love Sheldon and the 'kitty' song!! lol Susiesu xxx