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8 Apr 2013

Oh dear

It's been almost a week since I blogged.
We went to Wales for a little break and it was such a relief.
And now I'm back from a wedding which took place in a castle. I will have pictures to share tomorrow x
What have I missed???


Anonymous said...

Lovely place for a reception after the wedding. Always encouraging people still want to make life long vows before God isn't it

Debo said...

(bet you've not missed Anon!)

We had 2 days of sun!

Sounds like your break was needed, and certainly deserved! Glad you're back though!

Jaki Morris said...

Oh yes, weddings are ALWAYS to be celebrated as the people getting married want to share the commitment with everyone. I'm going to a blessing on Sunday in a tiny village church with a country picnic to follow. The couple are from the Czech Republic and couldn't afford two weddings. They did the most beautiful video invite for everyone

Can't wait for the photos. They will of course be amazing


ginny c said...

Glad you had a good rest can't wait to see some of your pics best wishes ginny

Carole Z said...

Glad you had a good break in Wales..looking forward to the wedding photos! Carole ZX