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9 Apr 2013

My saviour

Ive met myself coming back this week.  I need to split myself into 437261471456 pieces to satisfy the demands of my public.

He, on the other hand, makes more demand than all of those added together.  He keeps me on an even keel.  He loves me, trusts me and takes charge of my aching, empty arms when Ellie is at College.

My sweet prince and my saviour.  And who only needs a slight breathey hole whilst burrowed in a quilt.


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fionalawlor said...

Such a cute pic :)

Anonymous said...

A dog with proper bedding? If it is in a human bed you clearly have no understanding of the deaths she disabilities caused by the germs and grime they carry even though it is your pet. Look it up. This like parvo virus. Yuck yuck yuck. However lovable to you...yuck

Jaki Morris said...

Such a fantastic photo. Almost enough to tempt me into dog ownership

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon.
Humans cannot contract canine Parvovirus. Please check your facts before you tap out your misspelled and poorly constructed drivel.
In fact, humans cannot contract most animal diseases. The positive effects of pet ownership far outweigh any yucky germs
Yours lovingly.
Germgirl. BSc MSc LIBMS

Anonymous said...

Hi Kirsty

Please stop giving anon a voice, they are clearly warped. My dog sleeps in a blanket on my bed and has done for a decade and I am fit as a fiddle!!!

Your photo really made me smile :) Give your Mr Little legginess (dog not hubbie) a hug from us all too.

CarrieB xxxxx

Di said...

Love the photo of that little nose :)

Can't stand the usual sicko comments from Anon.

Hugs, Di xx

Carole Z said...

Such a cutie and fab photo :) Carp;e Z X

Jeannie said...

I need to try and do this with my handsome little man, but being as he is only 10 months old right now it's hard to get any picture that is not a blur he is so rambunctious!

Peace & Luv,

Lisa-Jane said...

PMSL! Do you know, as soon as I saw the pic, I knew what was going to happen from anon. Isn't it just so telling that many people would rather have dogs in their bed than people like that! ;-) Love you little Sizzles.