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26 Apr 2013

My Boy

Lots of cuddles with the little scamp this week.  For no other reason than the fact that I just adore him. He's my loyal companion when I'm editing and drawing at the Mac, nuzzling my feet and always within a whiskers distance.  I don't know what I would do without him.  He is my saviour, my little confidante - my sweet little love.

Here he is, all curly-pawed with wrinkles as fat as worms and trusting, needy eyes that penetrate even the coldest of hearts (anon - even you!)

Everyone needs a little buddy like Eddy in their lives - be it a cat, dog or fishy!

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Anonymous said...

You're right... everyone needs an Eddie - or their own equivalent. :-D Ours is an Alphie. A Westie/Cocker Spaniel cross apparently. Looks like he's been dragged through a hedge backwards - twice - but adores us as much as we adore him... :-) Brightens up our dullest of days and moods.

Carole Z said...

aaah he is such a cutie! Happy Friday Kirsty hun, Carole Z X

ginny c said...

Lovely little pic of Eddie , we have 3 dogs (2 springers & lab wouldn't be with out them) come of it kirsty you know anon will be along with some weird comment later best wishes for the weekend ginnyx

Sue said...

Eddie is a real cutie.

Jaki Morris said...

He can even melt the heart of a non dog lover

Take care

Anonymous said...

Think of the wonderful real Saviour we have known for so long. Knowing Him is all we do need. That is a friend forever. A dog is an animal and so like us will die.

Sarah xx said...

Or even squeaky cheeky little ratties :) x

Anonymous said...

Ah, a bible basher........ At last, an explanation.
Each to their own. we prefer to allow love in our lives by owning pets-but we can see how hard that might be to someone who will be deliberately spiteful, sarcastic and distinctly distasteful to another human being for no reason other than they can.
Thought god loved all things?
*blood boiling*

Love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Anonymous said...

Hi, Just wanted to say I haven't commented before but I love your blog and all it's craftyness! Love Eddie too! PS:I bet if you start ignoring the weird anonymous blogger he, she, or it may go away (hopefully!:-) xx

Judi said...

Ah, the wonderful Eddy, he is so scrummy!

What an awful outlook on life, Anon has, surely it is possible to love more than one being...better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all!!! My pets have at times been my saviours, particularly dogs, they give such unconditional love and are so in tune with our feelings. They would never knowingly hurt us...unlike the wicked, evil Anon who calls herself a Christian...Pah!!!

We ought to feel sorry for her and her sad little life! I am just glad I have known the true love of my family, my friends and my pets. Yes, we will all die but for goodness sake, let's fill our lives with love and kindness while we are here!

Stepping of the soap box, anyone else need it?

Love and pretty thoughts

Judi xx