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1 Apr 2013

Im royally chuffed

Hooray, my headpieces are now a feature of this months Syn magazine.  Well, a small part of a huge production.  But you know, small steps etc.  You can see the entire spectacle on pages 34-37.  What I did note is that they were subjected to rain but you know, if they survived that oversight then its good enough for me.

You can click to the editorial here

I love making these little pieces for my shoots and I don't mind sharing with stylists and other photogs.  Lou Litchfield commissioned me for the styling part of the mag and Im very grateful to her.  I would love to make more in fancy colours (Teal tissue paper is a pig to get hold of as is choc brown - but it could happen!).  And Ascot, darling - mustn't forget adorning fine fillies on ladies day.

Anyway - that's me news today.  Hope you had a chockoly-filled easter.

OH!  If any of you are near Mountain Ash Crafts tomorrow, pop in and see me getting sticky with hot glue.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations I'm so pleased all your hard work is now starting to payoff. J

Anonymous said...

Had a fantastic day celebrating laughing and worshipping with our church family. Then we shared lunch walked the dogs let the children run around remembering why the truth of Easter means they can have eggs as a symbol of new life. As you said you were celebrating Easter too hope your church family also had fun together as well as worshipping our risen saviour and forever friend.

Carole Z said...

Love the photos and head-pieces..well done Kirsty, I am sure this spread will mean more commissions! Have a fun craft day, Carole Z X

EmmGee said...

Excellent news! Actually I would like to see one of your hats/large flowers in the rain with the dye from the tissue dribbling down the model's face - especially the turquoise make-up with a turquoise dribble!! Love EmG x

jknapp00 said...

Could you use some spray mists to tint white tissue a teal color?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Well deserved. Jude.x

Scrapmate said...

Have you tried a florist's wholesaler? They do rolls of large sheets for wrapping flowers in a variety of colours. Failing that you could lightly spray a sheet of pale blue or light green to get the colour you wanted as someone has already suggested.

Jaki Morris said...

I had a fantastic day celebrating with my real family remembering that it is the time we all celebrate the well risen Yorkshires, the baby lamb which gave his life so that we may eat and finally the miracle which is The Great Lord Jessie.

Oh, and I spent most of the time singing Mr Rabbit, Mr Rabbit that well know Easter hymn.

Congratulations on your success.
Love ya


Di said...

Oh Jaki, well said - I cheat and buy Aunt Bessie's yorkshires, or should that be Jessie's?

Di x

Craftilicious said...

I got teal tissue paper here it's a lot more "teal" IRL than it looks on the website too ;-) Teal is my colour of choice