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23 Apr 2013

Getting carried away

My poor neglected craft room.  Its been getting no love from us lately.  Except a very special occasion for a very special acquaintance called for some extra special effort......... today.

Paints, washi tape, bendy chip boardy stuff, hemp and book print got a beating whilst Ellie sat by my side, regaling me of her day at college.  She isn't interested in crafting whatsoever but will happily run her hands through my button box and revel in the tactile world of plastic.

I hope my birthday girl likes her gift as much as I did bringing it together.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe your little girl could make models and fun toys from buttons. She could have a big plastic needle and sew them onto her clothes or her dolls or other toys clothes. Sticking them is harder for little ones because of the glue needed but with care it could be possible.

Kirsty Wiseman said...

I publish your comments just so that people can also pity your stupid response.

Sara said...

Pity. Yep, that's the word I would use to describe my feelings towards Anon. I truly pity him/her. For their life to be so unfulfilling, so lacking in happiness that they constantly need to leave vile comments to somehow validate their own pathetic existance. Yes I truly pity you Anon.

Kirsty, You Rock!!!!

Lisa said...

Kirsty, I am shocked at how rude and twisted the Anonymous person is. They must live a very sad and evil life.

On the upside, it's great to see you back in your craft room! i miss seeing your lovely projects
Lisa x

Jaki Morris said...

Love the artwork

That woman is so inconsistent one minute she talks of E as a teen going out to sleepovers and the next she refers to her as a toddler? Maybe anon has split personalities?

Who cares? Not I. I only care that she is vile to you for no reason.

Take dare my lovely and I have no doubt whatsoever that your friend will love the art work.
Jaki xxx

Anonymous said...

shaking head in disbelief!!

Sam x

Carole Z said...

Great to see you crafting Kirsty, I am sure your artwork will be loved! And as for anon, well I just agree with everything else that has been said so far! Carole Z X