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19 Apr 2013

Bumps and Babies

This week has been car-azy.
I have a tale as long as my arms to tell about my trip to London but I haven't got a spare 647362756 hours to regale.  Instead I shall share images from my bumps and babes shoots this week - they are far more chirpier.

First off is my lovely friends Marie's maternity shoot.  I know there is always a glow with pregnant women but Marie's was especially delicious:

This steals my heart

And you can proper see how beautifully Marie carries - her glow is radiant!

And this image here is serene - i love it.

And then I had the pleasure of photographing baby Thea.  The name is beautiful and she was a trooper, come the end of the session.  Here is the pick of the bunch:

That dangly leg is super cute

A sweet little buddha, showing off her pedicure

Peace, perfect peace.

Frilly knicks and new, peely skin - she is a heavenly baby

Yes, Princess Thea has certainly arrived in style

And finally, Baby F.  He is a sweet little boy who was not happy having his photographs taken.  Luckily, as I love babies so much, I can go back and catch up on what we missed the first time around.  I only managed a few shots but they are the sweetest little pics:

This crocheted froggy hat is too cute

He loves his momma so and hated being apart from her.  Little would most people know that he is lying on her, here - she is hidden under the blanket

He cat napped for 5 seconds thoughout the day and finally, enough was enough.  But Im coming back for more cuddles next week!

If you are considering a maternity shoot or a newborn shoot, contact me through my website, here, and we can meet for coffee and a chat.  We can discuss what styling you might like and outfits - the works.

 Moments like these are to be treasured - allow me to capture them for you.

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Sue said...

Lovely photos and the ones with the baby are just so adorable.

Maz said...

It was a lovely afternoon Kirsty, thank you so much. Looking forward to you doing my newborn shoot! x

Judi said...

Wonderful, wonderful images! Love them all but think my fave has to be Mum, Dad, toddler and bump...fantastic idea and so beautifully done! You are a genius!

Sorry I haven't been around much, will try to catch up, I love reading your blog and seeing your amazing pics...just not enough hours in the day at the mo!

Lots of love

Judi xx