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30 Apr 2013

Beautiful Portrait Sessions

Why not celebrate your friendship, be it with a sibling/parent/auntie/nanny/friend over here at my studio, in Pemberton, Wigan?  We offer beautiful imagery for you to treasure, hang on walls, put in frames and gift as gifts.

This is a picture I posted back in January.  Its of Taylor and her sister, Olivia.  Simple, elegant and what I would call "a keeper".

Hit me up at the studio here (appointments only) and we can go through styling over a coffee.  We offer
  • party shoots (instead of the usual "bowling or cinema nights!)
  • makeovers
  • model shoots
  • kids and newborns
  • family
  • lifestyle
  • commercial
  • weddings
We only give you the best quality, guidance and styling to make sure you receive the images worthy of more than an Ikea frame ;)

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully they will like the picture and not regret their choices later on in life.

Jaki Morris said...

Well anonymous, if they don't like the picture, they just don't display it. It's just a pity you can't do the same with your 'opinions'

I love the photos you did of me and I have a massive canvas in my wall. I certainly don't regret having mine done and neither will my children as they will have some beautiful images of me to go with their memories. I wonder what you will leave behind anon?


Maz said...

Anon - what?

Lovely photo Kirsty. x

Anonymous said...

and why would they? DOH!!

beautiful pic as usual Kirsty!!

Sam x

Anonymous said...

A stunnung picture. J

ginny c said...

Lovely picture beautiful young ladies

Carole Z said...

It's a beautiful picture Kirsty, I am sure they will treasure it, hugs Carole Z X

Anonymous said...

Kirsty, how do you put up with this stupid person?
Is it just too early in the morning for me?...Regret what choices? Getting their picture taken??????
Get a life!

Love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Anonymous said...

Suppose we can all have regrets in life.what we wear how we choose to style our hair being too fat too thin not exercising or doing too much..what we think is fashionable or not, following cults or the influences of people we assume know something because they say they have the skills or experienced to assist us..the list goes on! The issue of regretting a photo could I presume be based on any or all of those issues!! Dressing up in a certain way during a photo shoot is persuasively influenced by the photographer who stamps their preferences into the mind of their customer...that's the only thing I can assume. If they regret it it will be like most of us who have been there done that and got the pictures hidden away somewhere too!!!