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10 Apr 2013

A very emotional day

I've been to so many weddings as both a guest and a photographer and cried at many.  But not half as much as this very special wedding.  Two people in love (and have been together for 23 years before tying the not) is indeed a celebration.  Celebrated with loving friends and family, in a castle on a beautiful day.  Its proper fairytale stuff.

Lynzie and Sharon couldn't not be two nicer people.  Seriously.  The world is short of really nice people right now. First and foremost, they are ALWAYS laughing.  And laughter, happiness and love is infectious.  Except, of course, when Lynzie broke down during exceptionally meaningful speeches - then there were tears!  I was overcome with emotion, I could barely focus my camera!

Here are a few of the images from the day......hope they convey every emotion that we all felt.

Guess the date of the wedding?

The sweetest, intimate gathering of friends and family

Sharon putting in her Mums earrings, a touching moment

I love this sweeping staircase, punctuated by Mrs and Mrs Purvis!

 Sharons barely pink frock is so so dreamy pretty

 A wonderful smile - it just says it all

Lynzies very sharp suit (along with Sharon's dress came from half way across the world!)

Candid moments make me weep millions

Isnt this castle amazing? Built in 1390 and still in fab shape.  
Unlike me born in 1971 ;)

Beautiful doorways and arches throughout

The banquet room was breathtaking

Love is love is love

This was meant to be the other way around but Lynzie and co-ordination did not gel well.  So Sharon muscles her way in and says "Why aye, I'll do it"
We were all screaming with laughter here.

My heart leaps with this picture - Natural laughter is unbeatable

And some silly fun which had us all bent over - tears, laughter, pain..... the works!

Luckily they do not take themselves seriously.  I mean, would you have guessed?

By far this was the most emotionally charged ceremony that I have ever attended.  A beautiful family with carefully, hand picked friends to share the union between to incredible women.      I considered it an honour, I truly did and flying horses wouldn't have stopped me being a part of their day.

Happy Everything, Sharon and Lynzie x

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Jaime Partridge said...

Beautiful photos Kirsty. As always.
I was just thinking that the God Botherer would have a field day. But whatever she comments, only you will know it. And please ignore the bitter old witch.

sharon said...

We are ecstatic Kirsty, thank you so much, you are amazingly talented and the fact you have wedding pics which we want to look at everyday of our lives is something very special for us.


Sara said...

Gorgeous photos Kirsty, those roses are stunning!

Anonymous said...

Gosh. Scary to thunk think and ponder. Not sure why someone would comment on gay marriage now. Maybe got the wrong end of the stick myself. Off to look again:)

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous photo's.. especially loving the black & white ones. What a lovely setting. Congratulations Sharon and Lynzie. Jude.x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo's of a truly wonderful day, thankyou so much for sharing,we all need a little bit love. J

Janene McAnally said...

Beautiful, beautiful photos Kirsty and a beautiful couple too!!

Debo said...

Stunning photos, it really does look like a fairy tale wedding! Congratulations to the happy couple.

Debbie x

Di said...

Fabulous photos! The happiness just shines right out of these shots Kirsty.

Sigh, I'm getting a bit fed up with the sick mind of Anon too :( At one time it was funny - and rather sad at the same time - now it's as if they lurk and get a kick from seeing their warped comments published. No doubt they creep back out from under their slimy stone and check. I'd just pull the plug on them, it's not funny any longer :( So pleased you didn't let them rain on today's parade.

Hugs, Di xx

Anonymous said...

What stunning pics and a beautiful couple, the little love heart hand cuddle pic brought a lump to my throat! Thanks for sharing, Fiona xx

leannchiverscraft said...

Kirsty these are gorgeous pictures I love them. I had the very good fortune of meeting Sharon and Lynzie in the green room at Create and Craft and remember thinking what an amazingly friendly and welcoming pair they were. It has filled my little heart with gladness to see such wonderful happy memories of their most special day, created by you, for them, on here.

I just want to pass my best wishes for a life of health wealth and happiness for them both

Leann x

Shirley Davis said...

That you take along such witty and gorgeously lovey-dovey props tells me you are an ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT PHOTOGRAPHER AND PERSON!

JO SOWERBY said...

What a beautiful wedding and I'm so glad you called it that, not the silly Civil partnership thing we use in this country. The brides look amazing, loved that barely pink dress. So many wonderful pictures and a beautiful couple. Congrats,
Jo xxx

Anonymous said...

Lovely photographs of a beautiful wedding. I hope the lovely couple will have many, many years of happiness together.

Just curious as to why you chose to publish 'Anons' thinly veiled insulting and sarcastic comment.


TAM said...

Simply amazing photo's Kirsty - thanks so much for sharing

Sharon Langley said...

Oh Kirsty, such wonderful and very special Wedding photos.

Thank You and Sharon/Lynsie for letting us share in such beauty of their love and the perfect Wedding surroundings.

You did the couple Proud Kirtsy, you really did :)

Hoping all very well at your end.

Mwah, Sharon. x

Sarahjpacker said...

Ah man! Beautiful pics and a beautiful blooming couple too :) Love is love in what ever shape or form it takes and it's about time people accepted it for what it is. Good luck ladies, wishing you a long and happy love-filled future :) x

Leanne said...

Great photos and a great time with the gorgeous couple and Kirsty thanks for the props as they entertained us for ages we had some gr8 fotos xxxx

Sheilagh said...

Beautiful, simple Beautiful xxx

Clarky J said...

How utterly beautiful. looks like a perfect day for them both. Love the pictures Kirsty x

Anonymous said...

Such gorgeous photos Kirsty - you did a grand job.
"All you need is love, love is all you need" (You need to sing the last sentence!!)
Carole A

Joy said...

Kirsty I haven't been on your site for ages and I just wanted to say I am absolutely blown away by your photographs. They are absolutely stunning. I will be looking every day now for inspiration. xxxx

Judi said...

WOW!!! Fabulous pics Kirsty. Wonderful setting. Hope they will be very happy together.

Sorry been AWOL, will try to catch up with other posts!

Love Judi xx

Jeannie said...

What gorgeous pictures that will be treasured and last a lifetime. You have captured their essence of love beautifully with your talent!

Peace & Luv,

Lisa-Jane said...

BEAUTIFUL pics! What a gorgeous setting for a gorgeous couple. Happy rest-of-your-lives ladies! xx

Paper Paradise said...

Your talent never fails to amaze me. The brilliant photo's show every emotion. Sharon and Linzi will treasure each and every one of them. Congratulations to them on their VERY SPECIAL DAY! xxx

AnneW said...

Kirsty, I don't think I have ever seen such amazing wedding photos - they are not just inspirational but quirky & funny. Ha AWESOME! just like you my dear.
Anne x

AnneW said...

Kirsty I don't think I have ever seen such amazing wedding photos, they are not just beautiful but quirky & funny. Ha! AWESOME just like you my dear!

Anne x