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9 Mar 2013

What did I do today?

Well, I made flowers with a hot glue gun.  

This baby is going to be coated in slut red nail polish and turned into an embellishment for a photo prop.

Thinking of millions of other things to do with hot glue gun, now.

I love freelancing for Stix 2 x

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Anonymous said...

There are techniques which artists use to ensure botanical accuracy and things like getting each petal the same shape and size as nature intended. As say an artist with skills and experience works to accuracy or to abstract not a mixture of the two which just looks like it does jumbled. Things like finish off edges the inside of a made object the language of a professional are things as an amateur dabbling in little bits and pieces can or could be learnt and potentially overcome given time and capacity to consider. Worth a try focusing on one aspect of craft until fairly good then attempting something new with an excellent tutor only

Di said...

WHAT?!?! Now I truly am concerned that 'Anon The Troll' is actually off their trolley and in need of help.

Do they sit with your blog in front of them, just waiting for a new post to appear Kirsty?

Then do they feverishly type a whole load of illiterate mush, put it through a translator and then back again, give it a big stir and dump it here as a comment?

As for me - I'm off to play with me glue gun and make me some daisies :))

Happy Mothering Sunday by the way - hope you have a lovely day!

Hugs, Di xx

Sue said...

What a fab idea. My dad gave me a little glue gun and I've never used it.

Laura said...

Kirsty, please disable anonymous comments. This person doesn't need the satisfaction of taunting you, it's not fair on you.

Jaki Morris said...

There are also things called full stops and commas which make reading even the most inane drivel easier.
There are also things called stones and greenhouses.
Have a nice day in yours anonymous.

Love a bit of hot glue gun action myself

ginny c said...

Oh get you anon that's a gob full on a Sunday morning didn't realise you do lectures as well, can't wait to see finished prop kirsty. Best wishes ginny

ginny c said...

Oh anon that's a gob full on Sunday morning didn't realise you did lectures as well, cant wait to see finished prop kirsty best wishes for the weekend ginny

Sara said...

Nope. I don't understand what anonymous is bleeting on about either!

Bumblebee said...

flipping eck, anon, get a life and get your own blog, and if you were at all worth listening to you wouldn't be anonymous. I want to try doing some little heart shape embellishments like this for a card. great idea.x

Lisa-Jane said...

I've been playing with a glue gun this week too! Must be the week for it. I was sticking stones to a canvas background for my bathroom but now I have an urge to make funky flowers too. (PS. I thought nature DIDN'T make things / petals exactly the same shape and size...)

Carole Z said...

What kind of planet does anon live on, cos it certainly ain't ours!

Fab idea Kirsty, haven't had my glue gun out in ages..hope you had a lovely Mother's Day Carole Z X

Debo said...

Can't wait to see your painted flowers! Must dust off my glue gun.

(Sound like lots of us have one - maybe we could all aim at Anon's keyboard so she/he can't type anymore incoherent gobbledygook? Whatever she has perfected, it isn't English!)


Anonymous said...

You have made me want to try with my glue gun. You give me so much inspiration. Thankyou so much for for your blog, J