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26 Mar 2013

This is happening

When Ellie has a half term break, she normally nips off to Grannies for a week or so.  But my parents don't get from their hollies until tomorrow - so she is stuck with boring old me.  Fortunately we got along just fine today (!!!) and enjoyed being in our jammies until a post office trip demanded we leave the house.  

As Ellie's hair is wild beyond comprehension, it's been difficult grabbing a picture of her hair down (since I lobbed 7 inches off a few weeks back).  As we had time to primp and preen before going out, she allowed me to grab this quick pic of her.  Isn't she a doll?

Bloody hell, did we have a shock when we went out after this picture was taken - its was bitter and I mean PROPER frozen solid cold winds.    After the PO run, we went to drop stuff off at the charity shop and then grab some supplies from our little cheapy shop in the precinct.  I gathered this lot of pretties for £2.40.  I KNOW!!  CRAZY!

The pens are heavenly little things of beauty, right?

What I love more are the pages are either lined, dotty or graph-like.  My heart skipped a beat when I discovered this little delight

As Mark was working through parents evening (he is a lecturer at a college in a far away district), Ellie and I thought we would have tea out.  We stopped by a sweet little chinese, just off the high street, where we chatted about everything and nothing.  This was my fortune cookie surprise.  Nothing has happened yet, Im kind of just tapping my feet right now.......... ;)

And so back home to warm up (Ellie took her second bath to get the bones warmed through) and settle down for the night.  My sweet prince snubbed me tonight and favoured Mark's hairy (and obviously very warm arms) for a cuddle.  His flappy ear, draped over Marks arm, is hilarious.

And that was what we did today.

Stay warm, people.  Its arctic out there and not at all fun.


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ginny c said...

Lovely pic of Ellie sounds like you both had a lovely day,
When I read the horoscope in the paper I waiting for the winning ticket lol have a lovely time of Ellie hugs ginny xx

Sue said...

Sounds like a perfect day.

Ruth said...

Hi Kirsty. Hope you have a lovely family time together and stay warm. Ellie is looking beautiful and when I see Eddy I miss having a pet....Ruth x

Debo said...

Oh my! Doesn't Ellie's hair look amazing!

It's BITTERLY cold here, too, so cold it gets through to your bones.
(Loving the pens and notebooks - cant believe the price!!)

Carole Z said...

H Kirsty, sounds like you both had a perfect time together. Love the photos, Carole Z X

Di said...

HAPPY photos - made me really smile:)) Hugs, Di xx