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31 Mar 2013

Sweet Feathers

You know, I cannot for the life of me think of who manufactures these stamps (they are the feather stamps used on the card below).  I bought them from a local shop to me at Dentons Green (Crafts 4 U 2 Do) for a song.  I unwrapped them and left them on the side for an occasion to arrive.  And now I have no idea who makes them.  Pooey.

Anyway, used with a combo if spring colours, they make for a pretty background on this card.  I then made those two sweet little feathers from card off cuts - easy peasy.

Look out sweet birthday girl, this is coming to your home very soon.

Finally here are a few further images from my mag sub shoot the other day.  I should point out that most of these outfits costs lest than £30 to put together, some only £20.  That was a really fun element to the challenge.

These heels, here, were only a fiver.  They sunk about a million times into the mud and made Dani appear EXTREMELY tall.

Billy, our MUA for the day, used lots of spring coloured contouring on Dani.  I just let him do his thing and Dani do hers and this is what we got.

NB: For my anonymous commenter - these are fashion images for a fashion shoot.  Stop leaving putrid, acidic and, quite frankly, vile comments.  We don't like mean people in this house.  At all.  Ever. 

That aside, hope you put your clocks forward, readers.  And oh!  Happy Easter.  We are spending it in our little nest, all snug and cosy.

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Anonymous said...

The new life given by the risen LORD JESSIE is the only reason you have Easter to celebrate today. Praise Him in your worship and forgive whoever is upsetting you. Harbouring sin is not shy you see the cross. A cross on which Jesus died so that you have life. Live it in all its fullness as you celebrate Easter day. Whoever had upset you can do the same and in unity you can both be forgiven. The commentator and the judge

Sue said...

Loving the card.

ginny c said...

Lovely card , love the the fashion pics, I wouldn't have been able to stand in them heels for. 2 secs lol really enjoy your blog best wishes for Easter ginny x

Louise said...

I love your card too. I've just brought a feather set (from SU) and I can't wait to use them! i love the yellow wig close up photo..gorg! x Happy Easter Kirsty x

Carole Z said...

Lovely card Kirsty...and the fashion pics are great..ouch! Those heels! Hugs, Carole Z x

Anonymous said...

You really need to proof read before you send ANONYMOUS. I am pretty sure you didn't mean to praise Lord Jessie, lol!!!!


Eleanor said...

Hello girlie, just catching up. :)
Pretty sure those feathers are clear stamps by cArt-Us. Good to see you're well and busy, and to get a peep at that Ellie. Time it warmed up a bit, hey?
this Ellie

Jaki Morris said...

Lord Jessie? Wasn't she in toy story?
That has to be the world's funniest typos

Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to comment on the fab card and gorgeous fashion shots... but every time I came over to comment, there was Lord Jessie in all his glory.... I've been crying with laughter with that one. And then trying to read between the lines of the rest of her gobbledegook is hilarious. Poor Anon is so deluded.. she just doesn't get the meaning of "being a Christian" does she? So, so funny....
But back to the card and photos.... Absolutely gorgeous. I wish I had half your talent for photographs.

Debo said...

Extraordinary photos and makeup! (that suitcase is a star, too! Want one!)

LOVING Lord JESSIE!! Oh, I DO hope that Anonymous comes back to read the comments!

Di said...

It's taken me until now to stop laughing about Lord Jessie - your troll is off their trolley Kirsty :))

Hugs, Di xx

Jen said...

THIS MAG! It is amazing. I'm just pouring over it as we speak. Gorge creations. You are a superstar Kirsty. Looking forward to Sunday :) x