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29 Mar 2013

Spring in the air at -34 degrees

Im not going to lie, the lead up to this mag submission shoot was fraught with complications, interruptions, cancellations, false promises, nightmares and all the stuff that expect when it comes to bringing a collaborative effort together.  Things that could go wrong totally did.  But along the way, lovely and surprising things have happened too but they far under weigh the not-so-good stuff.


Today was the day and up until the 11th hour last night, the event was still rocky.  Sob sob.  However, the initial team of 5 dwindled to three and we pulled it out of the bag.  With Billy Jo, my trusted standby MUA and Dani - the incredible.  Yes, its she is simply Dani the incredible - .........just look at her!  And how she showed off Bill's superior make up skills.

I made yet another tissue posy for a head dress.  Dani's super lanky long limbs lend themselves to the cute-awkward pose.  Oh and that case?  She bought that for a quid!!  I was so jealous and at the end of today, she gave it to me.  I almost wept with joy.  A QUID???!!!

 Billy rocked the contouring and zingy make up on Dani

There are a million more images but these ones caught my eyes today but some have gone off for publication so sharing is limited

Thank you Billy-Jo Simpson (MUA) and Dani Blunt (Model) - you were awes.

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Anonymous said...

Fab photo's. Loving the suitcase... we're going to see a lot of that, aren't we? :-D Jude.x

Anonymous said...

Awes? Presumably the ability to think missing letters off of the English language is fashionable too? Shane the tissue poster creation was the wrong colour and if they enjoy pretending to be special because they lab on a fence it bend over when they grow up they will see the huge huge errors of their very immature ways.

Judi said...

Fantastic images Kirsty, but that really goes without saying! Your poor model must have been freezing but didn't she do a grand job?! I also have serious suitcase envy and will be scouring the charity shops!!! Have a lovely - and if possible - relaxing Easter.

Love Judi xx

Jaki Morris said...

Jaw droppingly awesome. You are simply amazing and don't ever doubt that you are.

Love, love love them.
How very dare she pick up a bargain for a pound? Next think people will be finding ancient typewriters in their under stairs cupboards. Oh wait, I did!


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! gorgeous pictures as usual Kirsty!!

love Sam xx

I see anonymous has forgotten grammar and punctuation again in their usual nonsense comment!

Louise said...

amazing photos.........considering you must all have been freezing!! x

Nancy Wyatt said...

Amazing! Wish I was there with you to learn some of your amazing greatness!!

Di said...

I promise, one day I'm gonna swing for that evil mouthed illiterate troll!

Fantastic photos Kirsty - and that suitcase has to be the bargain of the year!

Hugs, Di xx

Jaki Morris said...

Oh dear anonymous you still haven't learnt the lesson that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, have you?

If you are going to criticise a person's spelling, grammar or punctuation, you have to first ensure that yours is perfect. I can assure you that yours is not.

Once again I offer you my services as an English Language teacher. I usually teach foreign children but I will make an exception in your case as you writing is so bad. What nationality are you? Or is it that you dropped out of school before you were able to complete your education?
If you need my contact, please feel free to stalk my blog.

Jaki Morris

Fiona said...

Errr....pot, kettle, black Anonymous.
Fab photo's as usual Kirsty, my fave is the first one featuring that gorgeous vintage case.

ginny c said...

Beautiful pics love the make up, anonymous is at it again, she really has no idea of fashion shoots, has she heard of the saying if you can't say anything nice dont say anything at all. Best wishes ginny

Carole Z said...

Beautiful photos Kirsty...well totes amazing... Happy Easter! Carole Z xx

Unknown said...

Kirsty - you are amazing. These are totally wonderful pics. You make all your models look fab. Love them!

Anonymous said...

If you can't say anything nice don't bother or have the guts to put your name.
Love the colours fantastic phots.J

Debo said...

Amazing pics! Love the 'awkward' pose!
Well done Kirsty and team!