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11 Mar 2013

Lovely Lauren

I needed to test some new apertures and couple them with lighting techniques this week.  I found a lovely model called Lauren willing to help me out and of course, my sweet Billy to help with make up.  Ive a number of submissions and test coming up and everyone has to be orchestrated quite tightly, given time scales and logistics.  Lauren was scared to death on arrival as this was her first assignment.

Here is Billy touching Lauren's base make up

 But with Billy and I being so laid back, she soon warmed up.

These were the best of the bunch.  We shot a combo of "one strobe in studio" and a grungy, urban setting with natch light (my fave).

My stock of frilly skirts always make an outing on a shoot - Lauren really worked well with it.  I love her in her Beanie hat.

And this is my very favouritest of the bunch

I'm chuffed to bits with the lighting and make up AND with Laurens performance.  Its a team effort where everyone;s participation and contribution make up the full story.  My creative team love how quick I go from shoot to post production to finish (usually 24 hours but 6 in this case) but when you have a model whose skin is perfect, there is little you need to do for basic retouching.

Thanks to
Billy Jo Simpson, MUA
Lauren McParland, Model.
Oh and Tom (Laurens brother for helping with lighting)
Jo (Laurens Momma) for being the coolest mum ever.

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Maz said...

Wow. Fab photos as always and I love her eye make-up! x

Louise said...

I love her eye makeup too - fantastic photos x

TAM said...

Stunning shots - can see why the last is your favorite

Sara said...

Gorgeous photos as always, I want that skirt!!!!

Jaki Morris said...

Glad you found another fabulous urban background to shoot in. Fabulous as ever


Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures of a girl who had no reason to be nervous. Hopefully she will be proud of them as share them with her family who will place then with pride on their walls!

Carole Z said...

Fabulous! All of them, Carole Z X

Debo said...

Amazing photos! Great work!

Judi said...

Stunning as always Kirsty, I think the last one is my favourite too but they are all fantastic!

Love Judi xx