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17 Mar 2013

If its good enough for Oasis.......

It's good enough for Northern Sugar - an emerging indie band from Wigan.

I was asked by one of their managers to take some promotional pictures of the band.   All of the members are Wiganers (pretty much like The Verve members) so where else other to than to use the gritty industrial backdrop of Eckersly Mill, Wigan.  The place is falling down and its gone to rack and ruin in parts - perfect for a promotional band shot.  Who knows where this picture will end up....... posters, CD covers, T shirts, file 13?

I mean, if Oasis can have a CD cover taken in a back street in Wigan, why can't Northern Sugar - right?  These guys write their own music and play gigs without the usual fall back of cover tracks.  Now that's hard going round these parts.

This band are on full throttle for a commercial promotional push and if they choose this (out of a series of 40 odd photo's) - Ill be chuffed to bits.

Im outta here, Ive got 4387516576597 things to do before monday and time is strangling me.

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Carole Z said...

OOH Kirsty, they HAVE to choose it! Love this shot - I think it shows them as a band and as individuals, fabulous..everything crossed for you and the guys! Carole Z X

Debo said...

Brilliant! Can't wait to see it on posters and CDs. It's perfect!