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7 Mar 2013

I didnt want to part with them

But I did because they were going somewhere uber spesh.

Tissue paper is a bit of a bugger because it comes folded so I had to iron it.  WHAT??  Now Ive been married 18 years this year and Mark does all the ironing so this was all so novel in every sense of the word.  A light steam, medium heat and careful work was required.......I was flummoxed but I rose to the challenge.

I inked every stinking layer with distress inks

I made them up into fat, juicy roses

I tried them on

And wore the final ensemble to test the size.

The stylist who commissioned these LOVES the finished articles.  I just hope they make the editors cut in the magazine publication. 

Pray for me.

PS: Its for a fashion shoot before you all freak your pants off.  You just don't go shopping to Tesco in these babies!

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Anonymous said...

Thankful not all fashion sense is seen as worthy aren't you!!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous... Let us know when they appear in a magazine, won't you? Jude.x

Carole Z said...

They are fabulous Kirsty, I am sure they will not only make the magazine but will be a real hit! Hugs, Carole Z X

SazzyD said...

Fingers crossed they make the shoot - when will you know?

Jaki Morris said...

They are true beauties of which you should be proud.

I was however distressed about the distressing of the paper


Debo said...

Beautiful! Hope you hear soon!


Laura said...

They are rather special!!

Fiona said...

Fabulous, you'd never know they were tissue paper from the photo's.

Di said...

WONDERFUL!! Can't wear in Tescos? Can I trot off to Waitrose wearing 'em?

You really are such a clever little sausage!

Hugs, Di xx

Louise said...

i'm sure they will make the cut! they are fantastic. I'm in awe that your dh does all the ironing. its the only thing mine doesn't do! xx

Bettyann said...

wow..they are gorgeous !!!

Sue said...


Anonymous said...

FAB! xx