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8 Mar 2013


I'm on a tight deadline, I'm cutting it fine but I always manage to nip in at the 11th hour.  Its my life, its what I do.  I love it even though I'm left exasperated.  Every few hours I have to take a break so I either walk the dog or like this week, I go for a run.

Ive loved running since I was 12.  Both myself and my brother were runners at school and in the RAF, during training, I always came first (and I had to run in issue plimsolls (ouch).  Over the years I have fits and starts of running - I'm not consistent but then that is my life!  I'm more of a distance runner and whilst I run, I actually think and plan.  So with a recent health kick, I began running on Saturday night.  I run every other day (when I'm in the zone) and manage Faartlek based sessions the best over a distance of 5k.  And whilst running last night, I planned an editorial submission in my head.

So on the 19th and 20th March I will be shooting a spring based theme inspired by this mood board here.  I'm even using live rabbits and little chicks (scream!) as carefully handled props.

I put a casting call out for 2 x androgynous models (I found two - one in Liverpool, one in Leeds), 2 x MUA's (both from Liverpool) and 2 x hairstylist - none as yet but I reckon we can all smoosh that end of the bargain.  I'm styling the set myself and have literally begged some high streets and independent shops for loan of clothes - its what you do on a budget of ZERO.  Don't you just love a challenge?

I love editorial style shooting.  I like urban settings with natural light.  I like models to not "over pose" - and just let them be with a soupcon of direction.  I don't favour big cheesy smiles or duck faced pouting.  I hate the kind of lighting that is reminiscent of a 1980's music video.  I like shadows and mood.  And that is where we are going with this.

I'm a bit scared to be honest and couple that with my other work commitments, its also a drain on my free time.  But its so exciting.  And whilst I continue to run, I continue to come up with outlandish ideas that harmonises with being a born creative.

This is my life.
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Anonymous said...

What is it for? As for not over posing not seen these pics yet. Do you ever take those to share? maybe a play school would like the flowers in tissue? Ah outlet which would serve a purpose in the community

Bumblebee said...

can't believe you'll have little chicks and rabbits, they'll be worse than my kids (or maybe not!). Keep up with the running, it makes such a difference. Please stop posting the random anonymous comments, although mildly hilarious that someone could be so a) rude and b)stupid I think they derive some pleasure from seeing their criticisms.

Laura said...

I see Anonymous got out the wrong side of bed again this morning!
Have fun with the chicks and bunnies :)

Debo said...

Creativity breeds creativity!
I wish I had as much energy as you have in just one little finger! I am in awe!!!


(Blimey, Anonymous! Capital letters!?! You're making progress!)

EmmGee said...

Go, Kirsty Go! Great ideas! EmG x

Sharon said...

Kirsty, what a fab idea. Looks great!!

Jaki Morris said...

Ha ha! Well done Debo


Di said...

Aw, chick and bunnies - look forward to seeing what piccies Eddy takes on the day :)

Di xx

Carole Z said...

Fab idea chicks and bunnies..heaven! Carole Z X