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19 Mar 2013

Behind the scenes

I get so intense when I'm on a set that I forget to hang back and take pictures of the fun that goes on between scene changes.  We do have a good old laugh - I feel that its very important to keep the atmosphere relaxed but taking behind the scenes pics is a practice I lack.  As this is a quick post tonight, here are a few I have dug out....

This is Tallulahs Bar - awesome, right?

The towering little strumpets, making me feel like a midget stood in a ditch

 and the Northern Sugar band get-together.  When they get to Number one, they can sign this image.  Don't judge my dog walking, sleep bag style coat....not very rock and roll.  But warm and practical.

and finally - My little boy.  We Change our bed linen every Sunday but he did NOT want to get up.  It seemed so cruel to whip these sheets off him and this is the look of "5 more minutes".  Sniff, sniff.

As Ive just finished an enormous "Can't tell you what it is or I will die" project, I now have a week to wind up loose ends and get crafty.  Oh my life, I am beyond excited.

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Sue said...

Loving your pooch:)

Jaki Morris said...

Such fun

Love Miranda

Debo said...

Oh, that's not fair, teasing us like that!! Whatever it is, it's going to be amazing, we know that for sure!

( I hope your mum was their when you were having your photos taken ;) !! We don't want those rock stars taking advantage of you!)

Barbara said...

Just love your wee boy, he is so cute, my friends dachshound is called Truffle and she loves her bed too.

Anonymous said...

Hygiene or perceived cuteness? Yuck

Kirsty Wiseman said...

You can shove your judgemental comments up your rectum.

Carole Z said...

Love the photos, especially your super cute furry lad! Cant't wait to hear about your project, you tease Carole Z X

Di said...

Bwahahaha, oh Kirsty, well said in your response to the ugly minded troll honey!! Straight to the point and no messin' - that's my gal :))

Eddie looks adorable - I couldn't have moved him either.

Hugs, Di xx