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18 Mar 2013

A little Frou Frou

I get asked, about 8785274651 a week about my sweet little tissue paper roses.  I'm not sure how far and wide the news has reached but I have been asked if I will make some for Ladies day at Aintree.  If it wasn't for the fact these would melt in a nano second (in the rain), I'd totally make them.   Instead, I just enjoy making them for props.

Today Grace and Elyse styled some ultra large ones at my Frou Frou shoot at Tallulahs in New Brighton.  Coupled with the amazing talents of Laurens Wright (MUA) skills - these girls really made the session an absolute dream.

Here are a selection of images from today using my new portable LED lights.  Far easier than transporting humongous strobes

My lovely Elyse.  She is a beautiful girl and at 13 is going to go far with a modelling career

Grace has the most incredible stare - from a modelling perspective, she rocks the pout

Elyse has the most mesmerising eyes, even if they are not looking in the direction to appreciate them.  This pose, with natural light, shows them off a treat.

I gave this an ethereal wash which draws in the whites and promotes the black.

Each girl deserves praise for the way they brought the make up, outfits and head pieces to life.

And finally Grace proper rocks this shot with a quirky pose and sultry stare.

And that is that! 
Tomorrow I have craft projects to share - thank the lord!

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Debo said...

Incredible images! Stunning, striking, stylish! So classy! The girls are brilliant but you have the skill for composition.

Jaki Morris said...

they are just stunning. As a side note, I just love that fish tail plait. Wish I knew how to do it.
My favourite shot? The one on the sofa.

Great, as ever


Anonymous said...

Thirteen? No longer allowed to grow up naturally. Not good and where are the parents

Anonymous said...

Always good to give Him thanks

Kirsty Wiseman said...

Dear Anon
Stop fretting. All my under 18 models parents are always in set. Just not in the picture. Obviously. The whineg old moo.

Kirsty Wiseman said...

You not the parents. Lol

Jaime Partridge. said...

For anonymous. I was holding the light. So mind your own business you shrivelled old hag.

Anonymous said...

Would you not be willing to do a tute fof the flowers?

Carole Z said...

Stunning photos Kirsty, beautiful girls & totes fab work, hugs Carole Z xx

Di said...

Now WHY did I just know the troll would start flapping their gums? Fabby photos Kirsty - and I almost wet myself laughing at the comment from Jaime Partridge :)) Well said!

Hugs, Di xx

Debo said...

Oh, ffs Anon! Can we see a picture of YOUR kids, please?

These beautiful girls are POSING for photography NOT walking down the high street!!!

(and Kirsty, I KNEW something was missing from the photos - you need their mum's stood next to them, holding their hands! ;) Heaven help us!)

Jaime Partridge. (Delinquent parent of a beautiful teenager). said...

I'm glad it made you laugh Di.
This old witch has been commenting on my parenting skills since Elyse was 7 and had her first photo shoot.
My child is beautiful. End of.
And that first comment is nothing compared to what I wanted to say.

Jen said...

Great work! Beautiful styling, set up, models, everything. Good job!x