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2 Feb 2013


She is evolving at a fast rate of knots. Who knew that she would be getting through one book a week? This thrills me beyond measure. As I had business to attend to this evening, she brought along her book as I did my work.

And as a treat we had a Starbucks on the way home where she kicked back and devoured the last few pages. She's only reading gentle and light stuff but she regales the story to me with understanding. I'm delighted with her progress.

My little unfurling creature. I just adore her.

She ate all that cookie - it was bigger than her head!

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Kirsty Wiseman said...

Anonymous commenter...... Just a little note. Your unnecessary and unkind comments are unwelcome. Nobody likes them, they're mean and twisty.
We like nice comments here.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried giving her piano lessons? She has the most gorgeous long fingers!

Anonymous said...

they are great books for all inc yoiung girls. brilliant author and friend.

Sue said...

Glad she is enjoying the book.

Jaki Morris said...

I remember a while back you asking for advice about encouraging Ellie to read and here is the wonderful life.
Once you become a reader, you never turn back.

She could be reading the back of the cereal packet for all it matters, it's still reading! (don't tell but I used to read the back of the cereal packets at breakfast and count all the 'e's then all the 'a's, you get the picture?)

Take care


Anonymous said...

If it's any help, my daughter who is 23 with a degree still reads the books so take no notice of small minded people.

Di said...

Sigh - oh for lovely long fingers like that! And long nails too - I was at the back of the queue when they were handed out.

Hungry here now - send cookie quickly!!

ginny c said...

How lovely to see her reding enjoying the big cookie as Di said those lovely long fingers and nails(mine begin to look half decent then keep breaking) best whishes ginny

Carole Z said...

Really great to see Ellie enjoying her book and cookie..yum! Carole Z X

Bettyann said...

I love books as much as Ellie does...take care xxx

Ruth said...

Lovely photos, Kirsty. Looks like Ellie is really enjoying reading. Ruth x

Anonymous said...

I always ready your blog but never comment. Today I feel I must say wow, this must be so great for you to see your precious girl developing in such a way. Be incredible proud of yourself for having never given up or limiting what she may or may not achieve. You truly are a supermum!! xx