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13 Feb 2013

Take one die

My mums craft supplies are not my cup of tea, if I am being honest.  She is an old school crafter but makes beautiful cards anyway.  We all have a different style when it comes to making pretties and that's what makes us all unique.  However, I spotted this Viney memory box die in her craft room and was gobsmacked.  It was kind of "up my street" and I knew immediately what I'd make with it.  My mum has colouring pens and ribbon which made me set to work on the die over a little chat.

I love Orla Kiely's prints and this card was inspired by her lush vine print that everyone knows and loves.  Too pretty to give away so instead I shall keep it and adore it and perhaps lick it.

Im easily pleased, right?

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Anonymous said...

Lick it!!!! :-D LOL. But I know what you mean. I love everything about that card.
And Orla Kiely? Confession time - didn't know who you meant so googled.... realised I had seen her work, but then went on her website. Kirsty you are very naughty! She is now bookmarked and drooled over. Baaaad girl! :-D

Jaki Morris said...

Not even to a very special friend who also loves Orla?


Carole Z said...

Gorgeous card Kirsty, Carole Z X

Julie M said...

I thought "Orla Kiely" before I'd even seen the whole card. Love her style and design, have drooled over her stuff for many years and finally managed to get a bag off EBay last week, it's my new baby!!!

Your card is gorgeous, I reckon you should frame it!

Julie :o)

Sue said...

Loving the card.

Judi said...

Gorgeous creation, love it! xx