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9 Feb 2013


Yesterday I received a lot of post and gifts and flowers and smellies and candles and girly fluff and stuff. I spent the day at the craft show in Manchester and was suprised how restrained I was - I bought a Tim Holtz die. Then a lunch at Nandos to keep my carb free eating in check with Beth was lovely and then out for steak and salad with the family. I had no cake and no wine (tell a lie, I had a sample of my inlaws merlot but just a throat warmer)....... I was a good girly.

Our family is experiencing some incredibly emotional sadness right now so the meal out was a way to connect and centre ourselves again but still holding this person dear to our heart. Thank you to everyone for being so understanding.

I'll leave you with something uplifting. A craft project. Can you believe it. So happy to be in the zone of creativity which helps vent sadness and concern. Diversions like this are a relief if only for a short time.

Loves x

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Shirley Davis said...

Wonderful to see you crafting again and this is excellent, Kirsty! Yes, the heart is quiet and the mind diverted while you design - therapy with results. Lovely.

Carole Z said...

Hi Kirsty, love your project! Glad you had a happy Birthday and sending hugs your way, Carole Z X

Sue said...

Fab projects.

Glad you had a lovely birthday.

Hope life treats you kind (((Kirsty)))

Judi said...

Great project, sorry you are experiencing sad times, hope all will be well xx

Jaki Morris said...

Such a beautiful project . Take care x x x

Anonymous said...

I love that. Each time I look I see something that I missed the time before! :-) (Not stalking you, honest. lol) Glad you had a good birthday. Sorry you have the sadness and hope it improves soon. ((hugs)) Jude.x

Anonymous said...

sorry things are so upsetting for you. hoping whatever it is you can soon smile again and not exp distress any longer. put your trust in whatever you believe in and stay strong

Tracey Jackson said...

Wow !!!!! what a stunning little project, so many gorgeous details to keep feasting my eyes on, what an inspiration. Sorry you are all experiencing a time of sadness, I hope it soon passes and those issues are resolved honey, take good care and enjoy the rest of your birthday month ( and if you feel like venting with more creative deliciousness I am sure us blog readers wouldn't complain lol) BIG SQUISHY HUGS xxx

Bettyann said...

Take care Kirsty..sending kind thoughts your way xxx

Bumblebee said...

wow, that Tim Holtz die is FAB!!! Great little project, so much going on to look at.x

Lisa-Jane said...

Sending you lots of love honey xx

Di said...

Super project Kirsty, and I'm glad you had a good birthday honey.

Strange, I was going to email you to say I could see sadness in your eyes in your two most recent photos of yourself (end of Jan and the other day). I hope whatever it is passes soon and that happiness returns ten-fold.

Love, Di xx