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22 Feb 2013

NEC round up and Winner

This time around at the NEC saw me demonstrating at Fanstastic Ribbons.  Seriously, they could never be done for trade  I had every roll of washi tape at my disposal and besides all the pretties that I made prior to the show, I sat and demonstrated further techniques to the retailers.  If none of them had have heard of this wonder tape before, they certainly left the show with boxes of the stuff for their shop-a-roo.

Here are a few extras that I whipped up to show the tape off:
Here is a lime polka dot style acting as faux ribbon

Ruffles a treat

Makes pleats for a novel texture

Make loops to create flower petals

I pleated and fringed to polkadot washi here, although you cant really see it that well

Washi tape page turners or page tabs for recipe books - awesome!

And add to tags and pulls for scrapbooking.

Here is my display stand that housed all the pretties

Whilst at the show, I bumped into so many friends.  It really is a tight knit community, this crafting industry.  It makes the long hours of the show pass quickly in between getting to know retailers and their stock styles.  One girl I was dying to meet was Lisa, from Tigerlily Makes.  I helped her re sample her old logo from a very small res to a super huge whopping one - that scroll killed me to get just right.

I also created the backdrops for her stand - I can't tell you how exciting it is to see something that you crafted with a digital pen into a hard copy of something you can touch and feel.  You must visit her shop, its full of feltastic yumminess.  I could literally sprawl all over these wonderful things and lay in blissful comfort.

On my way out of the show, on the last day, I noticed this little stand here.  It was filled with little trinkets and treasures that had me salivating like a rabid dog.  I took pictures of the little sweet projects to remind me that simple chipboard can be made into the great things of beauty.

Visit Tando Creative here to buy your blanks, well worth a little shopping trip on a grim weekend.

Over the recent weeks I have gone back to eating wheat free and low carb foods.  Ive had to, really.  Wheat cuts me in two and it isn't worth the tummy ache if I do.  By doing this the weight does seem to come off nicely plus the energy boost to my system is unbelievable.  I just don't feel tired so much.  Ive discovered flaxseed as an alternative to flour for cooking purposes which, if I'm brutally honest, doesn't taste fantastic but because I have to learn to live without flour...... I'm going to have to learn to appreciate it.

One recipe I can stomach is "Muffin in a mug" which you can google for various recipes (sweet or savoury).  My only reservation is that I won't use splenda in my recipes, opting rather to take the sweetness from my flaxseed, cocoa and berries mix instead.

I served it with cream and strawbs for a high fibre, low carb treat.  Cooks in one minute in the microwave, too which I thought would be god damn disgusting.  But I was pleasantly surprised.  Plus I could only manage half as it was that filling.

With this eating regime, I also substitute flour with almond and coconut flour too...... its all very new and investigative, to say the least.

Another thing I have discovered and love is Lacro free milk.  Less carbs, more healthy and tastes EXACTLY the same.  I have tried soy milk but it tasted like a rats ass - I'm sorry, but its dog gone rancid.

And now for the washi tape winner.  
Thank you so much for trying your luck.  I REALLY wish I could give you all a roll but sadly, I cannot.  So give it up for ALI - hooray

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Judi said...

Fab creations Kirsty! Congratulations to Ali xx

Sue said...

WOW WOW and did I say WOW:) Fabbny cards and wonderful projects. I so love the little nest boxes.

Ruth said...

Hi Kirsty, It was so lovely to see you again. You were looking great! I've come away with loads of great ideas for Washi tape after seeing your lovely cards and books. I've even been pointing some retailers in the direction of Fantastic Ribbons too - the whole stand was scrummy and your samples really inspired me to use more ribbon...and make a start with washi tape. Thanks for taking the time to stop and chat, Ruth x

Carole Z said...

It was great to see all your cards on display and meet Keith and Ben, I love being on the Fantastic Ribbons DT and yes, the ribbons are lush! Thanks for sharing your great pics, Carole Z X

Debo said...

Thanks for your wonderful card inspiration! I've got to make a birthday card today ( and maybe my Mother's Day cards) and you've given my mojo a nudge! I havent got any washi tapes though, so will have to improvise.
Also given me a 'need' for a lovely choccy pud!