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8 Feb 2013

My day!

Today is my day.  I usually spend it just how I jolly well like.  As it happens, there is a craft event in Manchester, so Im off with my friend Beth to while away the hours and pretend that I am not 42.

I am not 42.  I am not 42, I am not 42 although I look 52 and feel 92!!!!!
PS:  Im cultivating those roots so no judging!

Then here I am at 32

And at about 22 - SCREAM....MONSTROSITY!  What the friggin hell am I wearing???!!!
Im with my lovely friends Sarah and Lynda who I am still in contact with today.  My god! This photo brings back a million memories - It was our works christmas do.  I was in the RAF at the time and when we got back to our living accommodation, some of the girls took their boyfriends with them (Big No-No!).  The block got raided by the military feds and about 10 got busted.  I hid my long term boyfriend in the wardrobe.... tee hee.  Got away with that one.  Im bloody well laughing out loud just thinking about it!  Needless to say that top has been in the bin since that night AAAAAND if my memory serves me well, I was wearing velveteen ski pants.  HIDEOUS!

Ive already had a present off my inlaws - a foldable sack truck.  I was honestly and truthfully delighted.  Great for when Im lugging stuff around on location shoot.  I was not expecting it and yet I didn't realise that I actually needed one.  HOORAY!

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Pol said...

Speaking from personal experience - 42 is a great age to be :)

hello gorgeous said...

Happy Birthday chicken!! Have an awesome day, whatever you get up too!

I LOVE the sparkle in your eyes at need more sparkle, hell we ALL need more sparkle!!!

Sending love, hugs and snogs

hello gorgeous xxx

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. My morning is not complete until I have read your blog, you are an inspiration. Have a wonderful day. J

Debo said...

Hear, hear! to more sparkle!!!

Enjoy your day doing WHATEVER makes YOU happy!

Happy birthday!

Sue said...

Happy Birthday. Hope you have a fab time at the craft show.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday my love.

ginny c said...

Happy birthday kirsty Have a great day hugs ginny

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kirsty! Remember it's only a number!

Colette x.

Jaki Morris said...

THAT TOP!!!! It would make a lovely duvet cover.

What ever age you are your fun and personality shine from you

Love ya

Catriona said...

Happy Birthday Kirsty. It's only a number and mine is 21 years more than yours! You have been working very hard to get your new business going so maybe you need some Kirsty time.
Loved the picture of Ellie reading the other day. My retired teacher's heart sings when I see someone engrossed in a book.

Shirley Davis said...

Permit me to be pretty honest after saying Happy Birthday, dear Kirsty!

Now, the honesty: you look great at 42, the best ever. There's depth in your face that says 'I'm achieving great things; I have huge plans; I am enjoying my working life; people appreciate what I do'.

Am I wrong? Does it matter? We all love you just the way you are. So there! Bumps now?

Carole Z said...

Happy Birthday! Have a fab day, hugs Carole Z X

Di said...


Hugs, Di xx

MelanieH said...

Hope you have a very Happy Birthday!
You look fabulous!!!
Love from Mel & Orby ;o)

Julia said...

Happy Birthday Kirsty - I was at the same event I think today (Event City?) had I known I would have bought you a birthday brew! Loving that shirt!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kirsty. Jude.x

Bumblebee said...

You made me laugh out loud reading this Kirst! Hope you had a lovely day :) x

Anonymous said...

hope you had a good day. Age is mearely a number but we can all see and know about the changes in ageing. if you see it and feel it get some sleep eg go to bed at 10 and stay there til morning. eat a healthy diet and smile! let your hair become its natural coulour as hair dye can make people look a lot older if it is not done to the correct tone to match changing skin! have fun, get a make over and every day find some to relax and then off to bed before the middle of the early morning hrs and take care of yourself!

Kirsty Wiseman said...

you're such a picky, condescending old git, Anon. Bugger off - you really do leave the most judgmental, unnecessary comments.

Judi said...

Hope you had a great day yesterday Kirsty, glad to see you have had lots of good wishes, sorry to see that anon couldn't keep it zipped! You look fab at the grand old age of 42, enjoy it!

Love Judi xx

Jackie said...

Happy Birthday, hope you have a great day