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23 Feb 2013

Culinary chaos

I am substituting flour for either coconut flour or almond flour. Sometimes even flaxseed. All are high fibre and low carb but more importantly not wheat.

All of these alternatives do not mix like wheat flour. They take skill and crazy additives for them to resemble recipes made with normal flour.

I read a recipe tonight to make coconut pancakes. The picture looked so tempting but the reality resembled a crumbled pile of parp.

However, after adding a spoonful of cancer laden granulated sweetners (I await your barrage of snooty messages about how I will die in the next ten minutes for deigning to commit such a crime of sugarless proportions), I mixed it into the crumble and discovered I had made coconutty macaroons.



Jaki Morris said...

If you like it, who cares what anyone says?

EmmGee said...

I liked the sound of your 'Muffin in a Mug' - and Googled. Lots of recipes, and tweeks to recipes. Best suggestion was to cook in a basin rather than a mug, to save spilling over the top in m/wave. This site had lots of recipes with substitutes for wheat flour featured in many of them.

madhousekeeper said...

On The Big Bang next week they are going to debunk the "cancer causing" comments of artificial sweetner.

Sue said...

I use Tate & Lyle Light at Heart. It's all natural ingredients. You have sugar plus Stevia, so every spoonful is half sugar and half Stevia, so half the calories, without the nasty stuff.

Lisa-Jane said...

Sugar or sweetner? Both as bad or as good as each other I think. We're all doomed anyway ;-)

Cheryl said...

have you tried agave nectar as a sugar replacement? i use it all the time now as i'm doing wheat and dairy free. i like the sound of muffin in a mug!