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11 Feb 2013

Avant Garde Muses

Take two girls.  Just your every day girls.  Frock them up, add accoutrement's and a swish of colour.  Fancy up their hair and turn them into muses.  Muses of whom who could grace the cover of many a magazine.

Today's shoot was inspired by Lara Jade and Bambi Cantrell.  This shoot to to highlight the new sessions that I'm offering at my studio, simply entitled Spellbound.  The plan is to give girls this kind of makeover and own images worthy of an editorial.  Its incredible watching every day girls being transformed into these gorgeous creatures.  But of course I cannot take full credit - to get girls to look this awesome, we have to work as a team.  The team, today, involved

Jen Hunter - MUA
Donna Denton and John - Hairstylist
Becky Aubrey - Assistant lighting
Muses - Ellise Tia Denton and Lashayne Ferguson New

Teal backdrop sponsored by Creativity Backgrounds
Earrings courtesy of Harlequin's Emproium
Headpieces all create by Kirsty Wiseman
Most outfits styled and created by Kirsty Wiseman

So without further ado, here are rather a lot of images of Lashayne and Ellise - probably the most down to earth girls in the world x

This dress was made by attaching 20 metres of tulle to an underskirt with just hair grips.  The headpiece was made by myself from just tissue paper.

Isn't Ellise beautiful in peaches and creams?  The headdresses were, again, made by myself and the earrings were supplied by

I love how this backdrop turned out with a little added texture.  Lashayne is wearing a ton of fabric (not really a dress) with an organza bow that I also created.

I love how dramatic Jen made Ellise look.  Here she is wearing a very large "wedding underskirt" and a black bandeau dress with an organza sash

This outfit was created with a large square scarf of mine, clipped with pegs at the rear (who would ever know?!) and a belt.  Doesn't she look fab - her figure is to die for!  A trip to the races on ladies day, I fear...........

Ellise again in her peaches and cream ensemble .  At 14 years old, she is a little beauty.

Ellise is wearing my Ellie's prom dress from last year with her pointes.  I added texture against the back to tie in with the grey trim on the dress.

Lashayne rocking a ton of fabric - I simply adore this dress and she really knows how to work an outfit.

 And there so many more but these caught my eye.

Thanks for popping by x

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Sarah Hurley said...

amazing pics - that's some talent you have there Mrs! and I love the headpieces you fashioned - I might try one out, just to wear round the house...


Anonymous said...

hope they will be happy to see these in a few weeks time as they look back on the day they dressed like this. The girl in the 6th photo down looks terrified!

Jaki Morris said...

So beautiful. You must have all had such a great day


Anonymous said...

Wow, the headdresses are amazing, you are a very talented photographer Kirsty!

Colette x.

Di said...

WOW, stunning work Kirsty. The girlies looked fabulous - and your creativity and photography skills made for some stunning, stunning results. Did I just say stunning three times? Probably 'cos I was laughing at Sarah saying she might try a headpiece out, just to wear round the house! Off to rummage for some tissue paper, clips, peg and sticky stuff now to join in.

Hugs. Di xx

Judi said...

WOW, WOW, WOW!!! There really is no end to your talents Mrs W! The headgear, the 'dresses', the whole lot topped by your amazing photography! I just love these!

Love Judi xx

Anonymous said...

Love them. Just gorgeous. Jude.x

Anonymous said...

Excellent photos - love your style Kirsty.

Julie xx

Louise said...

Beautifully done!

Louise said...

They both look beautiful x

anonymous you really are a nutter. If you don't like, don't look!

Clair Matthews said...

Simply beautiful! xxx

Sheila said...

Oh my word Kirsty I love everything about these pics. Absolutely stunning work. either need to get out more or get a life.