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27 Jan 2013

Test shooting

I wanted to share these images from a shoot with Taylor Whalley.  She has just started out in modelling and hasn't had much luck in finding a photographer that wasn't a:  just a guy with a camera and b: just a guy with a camera.  This is breaking my heart, hearing of all these girls who want a glittering modelling career when all they get booked for are assignments in a "guys" house, in a makeshift studio and not providing a professional service; if one at all.

She brought with her Billy Simpson, a MUA of the best campest order.  He is hilarious and more passionate than anyone I have ever met, that's not to say talented either.  I invited a friends over to come and assist with lighting and teach her some lighting tricks and she brought her daughter for an extra pair of hands.  Lets not discount the fact that Taylor brought her sister, too.  And I am so glad as it was all hands on deck with light meters, wafting hair, make up, making drinks, holding black boards and reflectors etc

Billy's fantastic makeover on Taylor really took our breaths away - literally transforming Taylor into an elfin looking, twiggy eyed cutie.

Here are some of my fave images of the day:
 Although Taylors make-up is Twiggy inspired..... I think she looks like Penelope Cruz here

Rocking a moody look

This is one of my absolute faves and reminds me of Liza Minelli from Cabaret

Taylor is not tall enough for the kind of fashion shoots that Im about to embark on but she has opportunities in other fields of modelling - petite model clothing for one  I ran a texture over this image, too

She was excellent at taking direction and here she is trying out one of my new column props

We took a few images of Taylors sister, Olivia which I'll save for another day.  I thought I'd grab a picture of the pair of them between sessions.

And that was our shoot - a team effort by

Billy Simpson | MUA
Taylor Whally | Model
Olivia Whalley | Model/assistant
Louise Geoghan | Lighting assistant
Amelia Geoghan | assistant

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Anonymous said...

hope she will be happy with these both now and in about 30 years time when she reflects on her looks and life back then!

Jaki Morris said...

What beautiful girls and what wonderful photographs. I just love B&W


Louise said...

It was a good day! Funny when 3 wafters couldn't make her hair budge though!

Louise said...

It was a good day! Funny when 3 wafters couldn't make her hair budge though!

Jaki Morris said...

Og course she will love them now and in the future. What's not to love? Black and white images are timeless and Kirsty's photos are classy.
You however are a different matter entirely.

Tracey Jackson said...

Wow, gorgeous model, gorgeous images, what is not to love !!!!, You are one helluva talented photographer xxx