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7 Jan 2013

Pretty Maids all in a row - a dedicated post

Hi-key photography comes and goes in this studio.  So when it comes back, I love it all over again.  Today I had a mini shoot with these four lovely ladies.  They were dressed to the nines in funky outfits with great hair!

I ran a vintage, off-sepia tone on this to make the whites "not so white" as they looked, erm....too white?!

That was the fun I had this morning along with a commercial head shot shoot, which was a private session :)

But later in the day I had a major kick in the stomach :(  As a result this post is dedicated to my friend Nina who lost her fight for life on Saturday.  She has been an amazing support to me over the years as both she and I have had our conflicts with our daughters and their health issues.  I find it incredibly hard to accept that she has gone - she was only 44.  She was a constant supportive commenter on this blog AND a great friend on facebook - not to mention the selfless acts of kindness she bestowed on me but others too.  This includes  the many supportive and informative emails which required a coffee and cake to enjoy it with (they were always long and thought out).

Her husband is completely BROKEN.  Of course he is but I mean proper broken.  When he called me I had already heard the news via her closest friend but to hear a man utterly devastated on the phone almost choked me.  It was gut wrenching.  And as for their teenage daughter, Ruby?  My god, could there be anything more heart crushing than thinking about a young girl without her momma?  Its killing me so bad, I think I really could die from the pain.

Nina had such a wicked sense of humour and never ever moaned about her cancer and subsequent infections that she contracted since.  I mean, she might have behind closed doors but she was always upbeat to me.  And since the news, I have tried to be brave whilst doing other stuff but kept on visiting her amazing stash of images on Pinterest, just so that I could fee a bit closer to her.

She was also a scrapbooker, back in the day.  She used to attend Mandy Parrs crops down in Bristol before retreating due to one thing or another.  I hit it off immediately, with her, all those years ago.  I also did a family shoot with her, her Hubby Adrian and Ruby.   In fact I think she and her friends family were the first ones I did in 2006.  God, this is so awful.  I don't deserve to feel so much anguish when her family must be suffering really bad about it.  But what can you do when emotions run criminally through every ounce of your being?

Sleep tight, Nina pops.
Know you were loved and appreciated.
This I know because my heart hurts really bad.

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Sue said...

(((Kirsty))) So sorry to read of Nina's passing. I hope she is at peace now and also that her family and friends can remember her with great fondness and not be too sad.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear that. You will, as will her family, remember the good times only, over time. It is going to hurt for now - and let it; don't feel guilty for crying, don't feel guilty for laughing or smiling; don't feel guilty if one day you forget to remember her. It's all part of the grieving and healing process. Huge cyber (((hugs))) to everyone that will miss her.

Jaki Morris said...

Although I've known about this since last night, reading this post has made me cry. Kirsty, you are entitled to feel the pain and anguish over the loss of your friend. Pain is immeasurable, and can not be compared to another's.

I am here for you always, you know that.
Take carexxxx

Liz Boyce said...

I'm so sorry Kirsty. Cancer sucks. Someone I know, albeit we were not as close, also lost her battle to cancer on Saturday morning. It's so hard. (hugs).

Bettyann said...

Kirsty I am so sorry to hear about your friend. I am sending you good thoughts and hugs to you. Take care xxxx

Fiona said...

Sorry to hear that your friend has passed away, cancer is a bastard, how dreadful for her family. Sounds like you were a good mate to the end, so many can't cope with it and aren't.

Debo said...

So sorry, Kirsty, for you and Nina's family.
I know I can't say anything to make you feel better but you shouldn't feel bad about feeling bad - it's a tribute to her that she's left such a hole.
Liz is so right, cancer sucks.

barbara reeves said...

Kirsty, I was so sorry to hear the news about your friend Nina. I know only too well how this terrible disease devastates so many lives. Sending hugs Love Barb xxx

Louise said...

oh Kirsty, i am catching up on your blog and have just read your lovely post on Nina. It's such a cruel disease, I am so sorry to hear of your loss....(((hugs))) xx