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28 Jan 2013

Me and She

She is the centre of my universe.

Just look at her beautiful eyes - you guys rarely get to see them as they're normally hidden behind a pair of blue lensed spectacles or she cant keep them open because of her aversion to bright light.

Lately we have just been plodding along and just "being".  She wants and asks for nothing.  A quiet girl who loves her jammies, a cosy sofa and her iPad.  She adores both of her grandparents, our pooch and maltesers.  She likes routine and really does not appreciate us springing surprise trips here and there.  Just give her a pair of slippers and she is set for the day.

She loves college and the small group of kids in her class.  She never complains about the workload or teachers.  I have never heard the word hate come from her mouth when describing people, places or food.  But she does hate having her hair brushed - with a passion.  Those curly curls tug and pull at her very sensitive head - Im the bad momma on a daily basis.  She will only wear one pair of shoes until they are tatty and only then can I buy her a new pair - a selection of shoes is a big no no for her.

She loves dinosaurs, marmosets, sharks and snakes and can probably name all species of them.  Her fave programme is Jessie.  Her favourite dinner is a roast with all the trimmings including copious amounts of carrots.  She only likes the cream in an oreo biscuit.  She likes lime milkshakes.  She has to have a cuddly teddy within reach when at home.  She likes to bake but won't eat what she has made - she just likes the process.

All in all, Ellie likes what she likes and she is content with that.

Uuuuuuuuuuuntil today.

Her hair is sooooooo curly that if its not been brushed for over a day, its gets knotty and matted.  One clump of hair got so tangled that I couldn't brush it out - it had to be cut.  I asked if would she like that and the relief in her face was incredible to see.  So I lobbed 7 inches of beautiful, spiralled yet devilish curls from her head and now she is sporting a pretty bob albeit still able to tie it back in a bobble.

She might let me take a picture of her with her new "do" tomorrow but in the meantime, I'm saving some of the amazing strands for my treasure box.

I think her love for me has quadrupled and her new hair is another thing for her to like.

Love Kirsty  
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Anonymous said...

Oh gosh Ellie! I can't wait to see what it looks like now. I bet it's so much easier to manage as well, now?
Have you ever thought about using "straighteners" sometimes? When I get really fed up with my hair "fizzing" I straighten it, and it just calms it down for a few days. Don't hide those beautiful curls too much though! :-D
Hope you are enjoying the new length. Jude.x

Carole Z said...

Lovely photo Kirsty, would love to see Ellie's new hair do, hope you get a pic? Hugs, Carole Z X

Anonymous said...

great news. so pleased for her because not only will she be in less pain but also at her age it is a great thing to be able to be in control of something too!

Sue said...

I think you can get a spray to help with very curly hair. Not the stuff that straightens it, but it relaxes the hair making it easier to brush.

Mark Perry said...

What a fantastic Photo ... maybe we can all take a lesson from this beautiful young Lady... and just be content and thats what seems to come across with Ellie ... I was so engrossed with your post... Thank you for shareing.. Much Love n Peace and a HUGE Hug to a special young Lady ... M.

Ali said...

Wow, I bet her new hairdo looks fabulous! :)

As another mum to a very curly-haired girl, I have to recommend the combination that has saved us a heap load of tears - a Tangle Teezer comb and Tantrum's My Delicious Detangling Spray. I can spritz the spray even onto dry hair and comb it through with the Tangle Teezer and it just gently smooths through the tangles, without needing any pressure so no tugging or pulling. Wouldn't be without em! :)


Bumblebee said...

ooh, I want to see the bob!

Jaki Morris said...

Wondered what would be said!
What an utterly beautiful post. I have been lucky enough to spend time with Ellie and she is the most special person I have ever met.

I remember when I was about 8 or 9 my sister and I stayed with my Aunt and Uncle for a week and my aunt spent over an hour patiently combing out the bird's nest from my hair. When my mum came back from her trip, she took me to the hairdresser's and had the whole lot lopped off :-(
Can't wait to see her new hair do
Take care

Catriona said...

You are one brave Mamma-but we know that anyway! Well done Kirsty for biding your time till Ellie was ready-I shed a little tear for those lovely curls. I' m sure she looks even more beautiful than usual with her new 'do ' and hope she will allow us to see it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kirsty

What a wonderful mummy you are :).
Your daughter and mine share many similarities, they are unique in their own way and we just have to go along with whatever is their normal. Carrie B x

Di said...

Ack, not the Anonymous and cowardly troll barely disguising snide comments again?? Sigh :( Deffo, not goin' to Heaven making cheap snipes like that.

Anyhoooooo, would love to see Ellie's new hair do. I bet she looks even more gorgeous.

Love and hugs, Di xx

ginny c said...

Beautiful photo of you both cant wait to Ellie with her new hair best wishes ginny

Debo said...

A beautiful pic of the 2 of you - she has such beautiful eyes and she's looking SO grown up.
Would love to see a photo of her new hair, when she is ready to share.

She is one very special lady!

Debbie x

Tracey Jackson said...

Awwwwwww such a gorgeous photo of you two together, I can't wait to see Ellie with her new 'do', yet another moment shared my mommy and daughter, just another step on your journey - to us blog readers - but - to you - a milestone, enjoy every moment hon, Ellie is a blessing of the rarest breed, love to you both xxx

Lisa-Jane said...

That is definitely a story for a scrap page, maybe with some of that amazing hair in a glassine envelope. It says so much about her and about your wonderful relationship xx