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17 Jan 2013

Massively inspired

My photo heroes are Mario Testino and Annie Leibovitz.  They're hard core old school champions and they each have a piece of my heart.  Recently I've been trying to take inspiration else where and that came by the way of Lara Jade.  She is is a 24 year old photographer who has used her self portrait confidence and magnified it by a bajillion.  I thought Sue Bryce had caught my breath but Lara literally took it.

As I am revamping a number of my sessions by dropping some, I'm equally adding to the weight of my services.  I am going to run a series of sessions called Spellbound - inspired by these amazing avant garde style shoots.  I believe every pouty/tanned/donut-bun-on-head teenage girl needs to experiment with trying contemporary, timeless styling and grab themselves some iconic images that won't age a jot.  Fashions come and go - ethereal images (like below) don't.   Facebook pages are littered with self takes where every girl looks exactly the same, why not try one of these sessions to break the mould?

I am looking for help, though.
 have 3 models and a number of props in prep for these shoots.  I am, however, looking for some vintage style floral embellishments - do you know any company who might want to loan me some?  If you know of any, clue me in - won't you? x

My first test shots are due to take place in the next two weeks so stay tuned!

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Julia said...

Wow Kirsty - these shots look amazing! What a fab idea for a photo shoot!

Judi said...

These pics are fab, can't wait to see what you do Kirsty! xx

Deanne said...

must admit these look a fabulous idea x

Jen said...

Yup Lara Jade is amazing. Claire has been following her for years - since DeviantArt. She was the one who had a self-portrait she took of herself at age 14 used on a porn video cover. It was a kind of Moulin Rouge-esque look. She asked them to cease and desist and they laughed at her. She took them to court. And won. It was all over the papers.

Tracey Jackson said...

Sorry playing catch up here hon - can you guess by the glut of comments lol, Lovin these shots, it takes an artist to truly see and pose shot, to check the lighting, the angles, you inspire me, well done, please keep inspiring us xxx