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1 Jan 2013

Lovely New year

We spent the New Year at the parentage, in Bridlington.  We completely switch off when we come over; it's gorgeous.  We didn't plan on doing anything spectackler although, at the 11th hour, we did venture over to the pub.  Even Ellie wanted to come, which was an added bonus.  We only managed over an hour before the comfort and quietness of home beckoned.

My little love and I

T minus 1 hour until 2013 with Marko

 Mum and Dad - all snuggly and lovely
I was a bit squiffy after 2 glasses of wine (lightweight or what?) but Mum set up a mini bar in the house and introduced me to my first Snowball.  I can't believe I've never tried it before when its such a retro drink of old (and popular at Chrimbo).  I have to say my first one was delish; I thought it tasted like sherbet.  The second one?  Not so much.  Think my mum slipped with the lime juice and even that was a year out of date (gag).  We saw the new year in with a game of Yahtzee, laughs and reminiscing on the tv 2012 highlights.

My favourite thing from 2012 was attending the Paralympics.  It was magnificent - so huge and endearing.  Lots of emotions and feelings ranging from pride to excitement to humbleness.  And what I love most about London 2012 was the way the world expressed their gratitude to the volunteers; more grander than the athletes themselves.  Conversely, I'm not going to regale you all the iddy biddy bits that formed a downward turn in my mouth.  I haven't got the energy to recount those times because, I think, the Paralympics made up for it :)

As for NY resolutions?  I'm always making them and never commit to them. I don't think it's a weak thing, really.  I reckon that with a a variety of things happening in our daily lives, committing to something and then failing is such a dreadful feeling.  I'm very much a girl that thinks if it happens, it happens.  I simply cannot do it all.  And yes, when I can't do it all, I feel sad and niggly........ but often I can look back and say that I tried.  So for 2013 I'm not making any resolutions although I have devoted myself to offering RAK's; be it a little note, letter, smile or acknowledgement.  The smallest of gestures can hike up anyones day. So maybe my lack of NY resolutions for me could just well be NY resolutions for others?

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PS:  A note to my little tormenting commenter..... perhaps you might like to be a little kinder in 2013?  Your misery isn't going to bother me, this year.  Your religious views are not welcome here because the type of religion I respect is towards those whom can be kind and not judgemental or downright rude.  Ner.

Today was a beautiful day.  My father, hubby, poochy and I went for a walk to blast away the cobwebs.  It was brisk, to say the least.

I love Bridlington beach.  The chalky white pebbles and rocks are so interesting to walk on and look through.  We have taken a few home to remind us of this gorgeous beach.

My father was born and bred here.  It is his beloved town and has walked the length and breadth of it for years.  Its so endearing to hear him reminisce.  This picture typifies my view on him.

And so to start the new year after this brisk walk has revitalised my plans for the year ahead.  Additionally, My friend Janey also made a plan to scribble down the nice things that happens this year and pop them in a jar so that at the end of the year, she can recall all the good things and feel warm and fuzzy into the bargain.  Sweet, no?  Only my "jar" will be the last thing I post on my blog posts.

And today's things of note are:  Making someones day to nip over to their facebook page and say a big fat juicy hello; without being prompted by an update.  Her response was that I had made her day.  I also hand wrote a notelet to someone who I know needs a pick-me-up.  I shall post that tomorrow. I also made a special effort to say hello to a dog walker, sat on a bench and made him smile.  If this is all I can do, wouldn't it be lovely if tiny, weeny gestures like this could infect the world and start an epidemic of little smiles?
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Fiona said...

Happy New Year Kirsty and family. Love seeing your photo's and these beach shots with amazing white pebbles are fab.

ginny c said...

Happy new year to you kirsty, mark Ellie & pooch plus mum & dad even though I have only met you once at Marion's (sugar spice in Essex) you seem like a friend and through your blog been with you through ups and downs lets hope next year 2013 will be a lot better, my dad always used to say if you couldn't say anything nice so not say nothing at all in other words if you can't write things then don't bother to write at all for your annoy blogger hugs ginny xxxx

Pol said...

I'm reading this book at the moment - which is lovely AND funny and might be up your street regarding RAKs etc?

ginny c said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jaki Morris said...

I feel like singing, 'and spread a little happiness as time goes by'

Love ya


Sheilagh said...

A walk on the beach at New Year is just brilliant, we were going to walk along the prom in Liverpool this afternoon but ended up at the squirrel park in Frodsham instead. It is great blowing the cobwebs away and feeling refreshed.

Love your post today Kirsty.

Love you xxx


Jen said...

Happy New Year Kirst! I smiled at your non-resolution. Here in Watford, one of our trustees started something similar in 2012. Check out the link We are hoping it will go viral and people everywhere will join in. Shame that nowadays people need a nudge in that direction, but think if everyone did this? What a beautiful place the world would be :)

Anonymous said...

Kirsty I rarely leave a comment on your blog but read it regularly. You always uplift and make me smile. Your warmth, openess and generosity of spirit enriches my life. Every good wish to you and Ellie for the coming year. Hope it is special for you both. Love Jan x

Cara said...

I'm a lightweight too :)
Happy New Year!!

Debo said...

Kirsty, another beautiful, heartwarming, thought-provoking and inspirational post! (and comments!)

I don't do resolutions as such, but think of something new I would like to do or see. sounds rather selfish after other posts, doesn't it :(

Now going to check Amazon and fouradayway...

Happy new year everyone!

Sue said...

I do love your posts:)

Frankly I think your 'Anonymous' comment leaver doesn't deserve to be printed on your blog.

Loved the photos and so glad you had such a good time.

I hope this New Year will grant all your wishes.

Wrightboysmum said...

Happy New Year.
I love reading your blog and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do this year. You always make me smile.
Hopefully Mr Anonymous will do some reflection and leave you be. They strike me as a very sad person.

Catriona said...

Happy New Year Kisty to all your family. We hope to visit Bridlington this summer with our carrievan. The last time we visited was with 40 children and their abiding memory of the trip was playing 20 a side baseball in the dark on the beach! We finally called it a night when we lost the ball in the sea and went back to the lovely little hotel where we were staying. Slainte!

Judi said...

More fab photos! Glad to hear you had a great time with your parents. Hope the New Year brings you health, peace and happiness in abundance.

Love Judi xx

Clarky J said...

Happy new year. Love reading your posts but just lurk a lot. Hope 2013 brings much love and laughter to the Wiseman family xxx

Bettyann said...

Happy New Year your post..good idea about the jar to remember the good things of 2013. xxxx

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year and may the peace of knowing the precious love of the season continue in your heart and mind.

Julia said...

Happy New Year Kirsty! Wishing you and yours a fabulously happy 2013. Love that jar idea - I'm going to pinch that!