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30 Jan 2013

I switched the light on

You will never believe this but I went into my craft room today.  I got as far as switching the light on.  As Im teaching at Crafts 4 U 2 Do in St Helens on Saturday, I do actually have to go in there for real this week to tie up the projects for the class.

Can you believe it?

On Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday I am in the studio with a very special offer on Makeover shoots.  They are normally £199 but this Saturday, they are £100 per session per person.  Click this link HERE to have a look.

And finally, as I'm too lame to make a card today, here are two that have caught my eye recently:

From Danielle Flanders

And this card is beautiful - click her blog here and devour every single morsel of deliciousness

And Im outta here x

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Shirley Davis said...

I'm in a similar situation with my creative writing - not on the same professional ladder rung as you though. But much as I love papercrafting & knitting - and I do, loads - my first love was writing. I know I must write my book and when I do catch myself actually writing another section, I feel so fantastic I wonder why I haven't done it for ages.

Your need to craft is an imminent appointment to teach. But maybe you need to make an appointment with yourself for at least one sacred day a month, to go into the craft room and do more than switch on the light. Because I love your photography but miss your craftiness too.

Sue said...

Both beautiful cards. Really miss not seeing more of your crafting.

Carole Z said...

These are both gorgeous Kirsty, thanks for sharing! Carole Z X