Ladies Camera Club

8 Jan 2013

I cannot wait for these

He always gets it right, doesn't he?  Sir Timmykins brings out JUST what I need and I think these WILL be mine:

I love the ever-so-iconic eiffel tower - I will use this millions.  But not the Fluer-de-lys :(  - I hate this shape with a passion

Could this shape be any more perfect?  I can see a million uses for this.

I don't know why I like this but I just do

And hello?  HELLO?  LOVE LOVE LOVE these two a kajillion

And these things I shall save up for and shall own to covet and kiss and wear as badges on my jacket x

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Debo said...

Aren't they brilliant! And have you seen the new Distress PAINTS? I think I need to buy them ALL!

Carole Z said...

OH GAWD...this man just keeps on tempting us with his wondrous goodies!!!!!! Carole Z X