Ladies Camera Club

16 Jan 2013

Hey Mojo, where you gone?

Come back, come back - I need you!

Thinking these little slurpy things will get me creating again:

Pretty pretties in wax bags - oh my! (see here for where I found this)

What is this delicious madness before me?

 Those ribbons slay me

 Id kill to make something like this in the spare 4 minutes I have on a night time

And as for this?  Its enough to make me wanna scrap again after approx 10 layouts in total from last year (shame!)

Source: via A. on Pinterest

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Anonymous said...

I love it when people come together and share opinions.
Great site, keep it up!
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Louise said...

great pics Kirsty and loving the new look blog header!

Carole Z said...

You've found some stunning makes here Kirsty! Carole Z X