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22 Jan 2013

Goodbye, sweet friend

Nina was laid to rest today.

But I couldn't go because last night, it snowed here.  It was quite unexpected and to wake up to 4 inches of the cruel stuff was a bit of a shock.  I put a call out to my facebook pals (who live between Wigan and Bristol) with a mixed review of their conditions.  I was in turmoil because my heart was telling me to go and support Nina's husband and daughter and yet my head was begging me not to go.

Bristol is almost 3 hours away and I was determined to go until traffic reports hindered me.  The train was £180, flights were impossible.  Barring metamorphosing/transposing, I couldn't go and it hurt SO much.  So, at 4pm, I lit a candle on our family console so that my family could watch over the flicker of her memory.

I never want to have to go through a dilemma like this again but then again, you hav very little choice with the perils of mother nature.

Forgive me, Nina x

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Anonymous said...

Nina's husband and daughter were supported by those who know and care for them.

Carole Z said...

Hugs Kirsty, so sorry you couldn't go yesterday, but you made the right decision. I live not so far from Bristol and we are still pretty 'snowed' up and I think it was worse between where you are and us, take care, Carole Z X

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm sure she would have been the first to tell you to keep safe, and her family know how much you loved her. Take care

Jaki Morris said...

Di said...

WHAT?!?!?! Is the troll even commenting on this sweet posting Kirsty? Please delete the comment and don't give it a second thought.

As others have said, I'm sure Nina would have been the first to tell you to keep safe for your own family. Remember dear Kirsty, Nina is at peace and wouldn't want you to have a troubled heart.

Hugs, Di xx

Sue said...

I am sue Nina was looking down and hoping you wouldn't risk going.

Although her husband and daughter would have loved to have your support, they wouldn't have wanted you to risk it either.

Your friend is always in your heart, so you don't have to go anywhere to find her, just look within.

Shirley Davis said...

That must have been a tough decision but it was the right one, Kirsty. I am so sorry if my tweet late yesterday added to your sadness - I was totally unaware - I must have read a post from Sunday. Your candle is a beautiful way to mark Nina's life and your love for her.

Debo said...

A horrible dilemma for you, but I agree with the others, I'm sure Nina would have wanted you to be safe for your family, and Nina's husband and family would have understood.

Keep safe and warm

Dawn said...

Thinking of you and Nina's family! xx

Anonymous said...

Omg 'Anon'! You come back time and time again, often leaving comments about the 'Christian way of living' yet you are a nasty, vile person. Where will you end up when you meet your maker, I have a good idea, it won't be heaven.

Sorry for your loss Kirsty.

Judi said...

There is nothing to forgive kirsty, you were there in mind if not in body and Nina would know how much you wanted to be there. You did the only thing you could without putting yourself in danger. It was a lovely thought to light a candle on your console and the picture is beautiful. xx