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24 Jan 2013


The past 12 months has seen me blog less and less about papercraft and yet I continue to demonstrate, teach workshops and design for the UK crafts industry.  I really am doing a lot of "behind the scenes" stuff now and my heart is VERY much still in it.....I doubt I'd ever turn my back on it

This brings me to my blog.  I seem to blog a plethora of subjects these days offering very few samples of my latest creations.  And this makes me feel like someone has stood on my heart.  But the way my daily work is evolving, I seem to be drawn to many other creative outlets all of which still come together, but not in a seamless fashion.

My photography has taken a little diversion in terms of more commercial work, again - behind the scenes publications.  Clients are very cautious about who they use for fear of "being stolen" and yet Im not an owned commodity!  But you have to respect their wishes and keep a lot of your work in a special folder on the computer and not up for public display.   Plus, I am so busy that the craft room sits, untouched ........ on a personal front, anyway.  However, its still there and will always be beckoning me when free time allows.  I have a quilt to start, mini felt projects to finish, lacey props to finish up and a dress to finish pinning - regardless of it not being papercraft - its still crafting!

So Im going to juggle this blog a little and try and give it a mixed readership "feel" which should appeal to all creatives.  That way, if you pay a visit - i can direct you to the right topic without you scrolling through it and be disappointed that it didn't cover a topic you normally enjoy.  I want to be able to talk about my ongoing love for papercrafts, fabrics, photography and fashion photography - perhaps include a little beauty in there.  And by god, the last few weeks lead up to PFW/LFW has re-ignited my love of fashion.

It's weird, you know because since obsessing about new collections released by couture houses from the days of Diana, I have never been a slave to fashion or indeed a follower; in terms of wearing the latest and greatest trends.  I am neither a skinny rake or have the pots of cash to buy into it either.  But I do love the excitement that a frock can make to the grey world we often find ourselves in.  I took up a fashion design course two years ago and was quickly disillusioned because one of the modules was geared around Mens fashion - ugh, it did NOT appeal to me at all.  And this week, I have decided it was a huge mistake.  Conversely, I wanted to do the course out of interest and NOT because I want to be a designer.....go figure that out as you try and stay awake, reading this!

With PFW almost at an end, I have found myself immersed in the action on Twitter.  What I love about twitter is that I can work and tweet at the same time.  Can you imagine working in an office and being allowed to chat so much whilst also being super productive?  No, I don't think a place exists except this office, here - in my home/studio.  The contacts, the help, the marketing on twitter is insurmountable and is helping me forge new associations in terms of work,  Seriously, with a maximum of a two minute window, you can pretty much lead, attain and direct a plan without spending a god damn penny.

Anyway - Im just blogging out loud, emptying my head and preparing this blog for a bit of a god damn decent makeover.  Thanks for bearing with me.

In the interim, here are a few things that have caught my eye of late:

We all secretly pretend that we don't shop at Primark same as some of you wouldn't DREAM of shopping HERE.  Nobody can afford to bypass a sneaky peak at this shop and I dare you not to look and have a little virtual shop (even if you don't check out).  Its worth noting that it helps "buddying up" with someone as the postage is a bit steep but its still worth a cheeky little splurge if you have the moolah.  So Ive mentally planned a little winter walk outfit that costs less than a flimsy top at Primark

£5 for the chunky, £5 for the wellies and £5 for the leggings.  BOOOM!

When I did an essay on one of my modules in Fashion Design, my chosen designer was Valentino.  Out of all your Marc Jacobs, Matthew Williamsons, Jenny Packhams etc etc yadder yadder - I chose him.  Sigh, I don't think I have ever seen a frock that I didn't like from him.  They all have a very feminine, 50's based feeling - an era I'd happily shift to (providing I could take my Mac).  To me, he is god but lets wake up and smell the coffee, here.  I'll never be able to afford one of his dreamy, floaty dresses.......but it doesn't stop me looking

Yellow - how wonderfully yellow are these little dreamies from this weeks catwalk shows?

And of course I'll end up with my fave of all faves.....papercraft.
Ive recently acquired a bulk purchase of tulle and of course, there will be lots leftover to papercraft with.  See how these lovelies turned their fabric into papercraft delishness:

And there we go, for today until I figure out how to index the blog more sensibly.
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Sue said...

Fabby cards. I love the boots.

Anonymous said...

Love the yellow dresses and the organza cupcake is delish!

ginny c said...

I read your blog everyday so please don't go away I love your pics and your cards pink tulle topping on the cup cake is brilliant how is Elle doing did she have a good Christmas love ginny xxx

ginny c said...

Please don't go away kirsty I read your blog everyday whether it your tale of photography of design or your cards and everyday life . How is Elle did she have a good Christmas best wishes ginny x

Debo said...

Kirsty, I LOVE your blog! Whatever you talk about! My interests jump about too but I am always drawn to creative 'endeavours' and art-iness: just like your blog! Life doesn't go in a straight line - even for those who CAN afford a Valentino dress - and I think your blog reflects this. I've never met you (would love to) but you come across as an intelligent, interesting, talented, funny, warm, decent, strong woman and whatever you write, you write with emotion so it's interesting/fun/sad/worthwhile/uplifting reading. (oh, apart from when you write technical stuff about cameras - then it's a foreign language!!!! But it fills me with awe!!)