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7 Jan 2013

Autumnal Fun

YES! The fallen leaves were in abundance, the kids faces and kicking heels were in high spirits and I was snap happy. This is the first time Ellie has had somuch fun kicking leaves with her buddy Glen. She won't venture out with "boring" Mum and Dad, so Glen comes in as a great excuse to get her out of her buggy and running into the crunchy fauna. The place was Sewerby park near Bridlington where there are walled gardens, parks, a petting zoo, a cafe and grassland. Its the works for a trip out to enjoy the crips air of Octoberness. We spent hours traipsing around the park just being ordinaries amongst hundreds of other ordinaries, going about our autumn with so much excitement. These pictures are some of my favourite of the 430 I took this weekend. Lots of scrapping material and most importantly lots of memories.
Glens nimbless to jump over every post in the park had me itching to catch him on film but also have me cringing that some delicate damage could have been achieved at the same time. He jumped from walls and benches as Ellie and I pondered just how quickly we could scramble to A&E whilst nursing a broken Glen.
Afetr all the fun today, Im desperate to go out again and take more autumnal snaps and I encourage you all to do the same. Its my favourite time of year just for the sheer colour factor alone. The lighting on overcast days is PERFECTION when using Apperture priority and think of the results on curves with the hues in the leaves. Sigh. Autumn is FABULOUS.
And now Im home, have watched the last ever Prime Suspect, still have an ache in my jaw, photo shoot tomorrow, cup of tea in hand, Keane playing on my iTunes and sadly, no Belle in the house for a week but things are pretty good.
Ok, thats a lie. I have no jaffas in the house. That is definately not making me 100% happy but we can't have it all huh?


corinne said...

se pictures, reminds me that I need to make real autumn pics as well.


Missy said...

Oh my those leave pictures are just incredible. The colors are so rich. Great work.

Sherri said...

Beautiful photos!!! Some great LO's in your last few postings too!

Bobby said...

great pictures kirsty. I feel all inspired

fgeegf said...

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